Home Theater Projector

Home theatre projectors are a popular option that are becoming more common in homes of all sizes. Rather than having a regular TV, a projector gives you the freedom to increase the size of your viewing, and can project film and television onto any blank wall. You can also use a projector screen if a suitable wall isn’t available. You might have a home theatre projector in your living room, or you might have a separate room that is a dedicated home theatre. Not sure which home theatre projector to buy? Read our Home Theatre Projector Buying Guide Home Theatre Projectors Lumens Range When you buy a home theatre projector the brightness is measured in ANSI lumens. The lumens of a home projector tend to range between 2000-3400. This means that your projector can handle having a little bit of light in the room while still giving colour and picture accuracy. However, these projectors still can’t handle huge amounts of light, and will need to be used in a dark room or with curtains/blinds closed.