Portable Recorders

If you need to record audio on the go, then a high quality portable digital recorder is essential! If you’ve tried to record audio on your phone or handheld device, you would know that it is difficult to block out ambient noise and distortion. Portable digital recorders are designed to deliver crystal clear sound no matter where you are, so that you don’t miss out on those one off recording possibilities. There are loads of different people that need to record audio on location. Field recordists might record at public events, on film sets, or in a wide range of interview locations. Maybe you are a foley artist, a journalist, a podcaster, a live performance audio engineer, or a muso trying to capture an impromptu jam. Whoever you are, it is vital that you have a portable digital recorder that you can trust. For most of these situations, you might only have one chance to capture audio, and bad or faulty equipment might ruin your recordings entirely.