Studio Recording Bundle

We offer a wide range of recording bundles for podcast recording, music recording, live streaming, broadcasting and more. As the popularity of the studio recording and podcast continues to skyrocket, you might be wondering how to use the platform to broadcast ideas and marketing messages of your own. To get your voice heard in the world of digital audio streaming, you’ll need at least a basic audio production setup. The essentials of a Podcast and Studio Recording Equipment includes Condenser Microphone, USB Audio Interface, Microphone stand, Pop filter, Audio Cables, Studio Headphones / Studio Monitor and Audio recording/editing software. You can always start with something free and move on to something more advanced if editing music, sound effects and ads will be part of your podcast or your music production. Opting for a bundle takes all the time-consuming research and decision making out of getting your podcast studio setup. If you find all the technical jargon around buying audio equipment confusing, a bundle can save you a considerable headache. The bundle description should provide a detailed list of everything provided (you don’t want to start setting then realise you’re missing a cable), and have a summary that helps you understand what kind of user/podcast the bundle is suited to.