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When it comes to choosing a projector, there are many options available, which is why we have a comprehensive list of options right here: to help you determine the right projector for your needs. There are a large number of projectors available for a variety of different uses and budgets, including:


As well as the type of projector you buy, there are a number of other factors that you should consider:

1. Projector Resolution Available

Not all projectors are created equal. You should think about the different projector resolutions available. A higher resolution projector will produce a much crisper image. If complete clarity is important to you, make sure you invest in the highest resolution you can. Lower resolution projectors are usually more affordable, so it is important to find the balance between what you need and what you can spend.

2. Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio on a projector is the difference between the brightest shade of white and the darkest shade of black. This ratio also affects image quality. The higher the ratio, the more detail you will have in images, because a wider spectrum of shades is allowed for. For example a 1000:1 contrast ratio means that the brightest white is 1000 times brighter than the darkest black.

3. Connections and ports

There are a wide range of connections and ports available with projectors to allow for you to connect to other devices. HDMI connection allows you to connect with laptops and computers with high definition audio and video. VGA is another type of connection port that uses analogue technology, and may be the only option for older computers and laptops. Other ports your projector might have include RCA, USB, and DVDH. Make sure that the projector you are buying has the right ports for the devices you want to connect.

4. Projector throw distance

A projector’s throw distance is basically the distance that it needs to be from the screen/wall to get the best projection. Projectors with a short throw distance need to be close to the surface while projecting for optimum performance. Those with a longer distance can be farther away. While some projectors have an ultra-short throw distance and are ideal for small room uses.

5. Projector Accessories

When buying a projector, there are also a large number of accessories available. You might buy a projector screen so that you never have to worry about finding a blank wall. You can also buy all the cables you will need for connection; projector mounts if you want to keep your projector permanently in place, and replacement lamps if you need to replace an old part. For a more detail projector buying guide, check out our


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