fleamonsterbanner Fleamonster is one of Singapore's biggest flea market organizer. We hold flea markets, roadshows and bazaar at various shopping malls and outdoor spaces. We also provide pushcarts at strategic locations. Fleamonster being a one-stop event organizer also provides a comprehensive event management platform. We conduct thorough research on the demands and requirements of clients and landlords, conceptualize and design the layout and put all the pieces of the puzzle together with a keen eye for detail. In simple terms, we Produce, Launch, Execute and Deliver according and exceeding expectations of our business partners. We have worked with several popular establishments such as shopping malls, bars, government agencies, schools, universities, and many more. The core services we provide include (but not limited to):
  • Creating hype for new launch of shopping malls
  • Crowd pulling for existing shopping malls with new retail concept stores
  • Matching retail business owners to suitable commercial units according to both parties needs Themed bazaars to complement commercials units annual event plans at distinguished locations island wide Corporate and personal events (such as Family Day, National Day, Open House, etc) to match occasions such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Hari Raya, Deepavali and many more.
  • Themed events and flea market Singapore in malls and iconic location.