Audac SMQ350 Wavedynamic Dual-Channel Power Amplifier 4 X 350w

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• 2,5" LCD display
• Individual channel selectors & indicators (2x)
• WaveDynamics™ DSP and loudspeaker management
• Speakon compatible
• XLR & terminal block input & linkthrough connections
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Vendor: AUDAC
Categories: AUDAC Power Amplifiers
The SMQ series are quad channel power amplifiers providing a new standard for affordable audio amplification in both fixed and mobile audio installations. Their advanced features and availability in different output powers for 350 Watt, 500 Watt and 750 Watt provide an enormous flexibility for numerous applications. The WaveDynamics™ DSP processor in combination with the 2.5” LCD display gives an unmatched user experience with intuitive functions overview for easy configuration. Acoustics can be optimized using Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filters with selectable rolloff which can be configured as Low / High & Band Pass and the 7-Band equalizer which has adjustable frequencies and Q-factor. Other provided functions are delay and dynamic bass boost. These settings can be custom configured using the front panel of the amplifier, whereby access can be given on two different levels (User & Administrator) using password or USB-key protection. Loudspeaker protection is provided by an output power limiter whereby the maximum output power for every channel (in Watt) can be configured. Configuration is made simple with loudspeaker presets and full system configurations which can be selected from a library and uploaded with an USB flash drive. This ensures the best acoustical performance with a bullet-proof loudspeaker protection. A great input flexibility and source compatibility is provided by the input selection matrix in combination with the XLR and terminal block signal connections. The outputs are made using Speaker and Terminal block connections. System integration is made easy using the RS-232 control port. An optional Dante™ interface is available for the WaveDynamics™ amplifiers. The installation of this network interface allows receiving and sending of low latency, high quality audio over a standard Ethernet network.


A complete library of AUDAC loudspeaker and set solution presets is available for your projects, making it easy as picking the right file, loading it & play! Besides the optimal acoustic configurations, this library also includes the loudspeaker performance parameters providing a bulletproof protection for them.
The 7-Band fully parametric equalizer with adjustable frequency and Q-factor and Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filters with selectable roll-off allow you to create custom configurations, tweak your setup to the finest detail and adapt to your room’s acoustics. A delay function allows time-alignment of different speakers in your installation.
Configurations also allow you to bridge the outputs, double the output power of stereo channels to one mono channel or make a single three-channel amplifier driving a complete setup composed of stereo Mid/High frequency speakers and a bass cabinet.


The operation and configuration of the device can be done in multiple ways. The most obvious way is by using the front panel controls, featuring a rotary selection dial and channel selection buttons with a clear and intuitive user interface on the 2.5” graphical LCD display.
Total system configurations for predefined set solutions can be loaded into the amplifier using the USB port.
Integration of the audio system into home and industrial automation systems is made easy through the RS232 connection & control port whereby functions such as input switching, volume adjustment, etc. can be controlled.


Every system comes with different requirements and every customer has his own preferences. Because of this, the structure is made as flexible as possible. This is achieved by an input selection matrix.
Each of the input connections can be patched to any amplifier channel and contains software controllable gain. The different implementations of the in- and output connectors allow the easiest way of connection for every application, while allowing signal link through to other amplifiers.


Optimal protection is not only required for the listeners’ satisfaction, but can also be important for complying to the imposed regulations and guaranteeing the lifetime of the equipment. Because of this, protection precautions are implemented in different ways.
Firstly, user access is made possible on different levels. The device can be blocked or accessed in user or administrator level. Different levels allow different configuration and control functions, giving limited (Eg: only volume) control access to standard users and full configuration control to administrators. User restriction can be enabled and disabled and is given through password and/or USB-key.
Secondly, equipment protection is implemented by an output limiter which monitors the output power of every channel and will intervene when the output exceeds a certain level. The corresponding level can be software configured and is indicated in Watts. When the output limiter is configured at the maximum power of the loudspeaker, you can rest assured that the speakers won’t be blown during your absence.
Lastly, the maximum volume for every channel can be set independently. This prevents users (having volume access) going over the limit. This can help you to keep the system compliant with imposed regulations and maintain the good relationship with the neighbours.


The switching mode power supply and Class-D amplifier technology in combination with the auto-standby mode for each separate amplifier channel brings an end to the era of the power-hungry amplifiers. In addition, these features also result in a lightweight amplifier which benefits the customer when used in mobile applications.

Audac SMQ350 Specifications:

Signal / Noise: > 95 dB
THD+N (@ 1 kHz): < 0.05% (1/2 Rated Power)
Crosstalk (@ 1 kHz): > 70 dB
Technology: Class-D
Common mode rejection ratio: 70 dB
Damping factor: > 200
Cooling: Temperature controlled FAN
Operating temperature: 0° ~ 40° @ 95% Humidity
Frequency Response (± 3 dB): 20 Hz - 20 kHz
• Sensitivity (1W/1m) -19.5 dB ~ 27 dB
• Impedance 10 kΩ balanced
• Connector XLR & 3-pin Euro Terminal Block (3.81 mm)
Outputs Connector: Speakon compatible & 2-pin Euro Terminal Block (5.08 mm)
Protection Amplifier:
• DC Short circuit
• Over heating
• Over load
• Signal limiting
Protection Loudspeaker: Power limiter
Protection Access: User & Administrator level (Through password and USB-key protection)
Power Supply: Switching mode
Power Source: 230 ~ 240 V AC / 50 ~ 60 Hz
RMS Power:
• @ 4 Ω Stereo 4 x 350 W
• @ 8 Ω Bridge 2 x 700 W
• @ 8 Ω Stereo 4 x 220 W
Dimensions: 482 x 88 x 420 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 8.100 kg
Mounting: 19”
Unit height: 2 HE
Construction: Steel
Colours: Black