Audient iD14 MKII - 10in - 4out High Performance USB Audio Interface

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Streamlined Recording, Console-Quality Performance

Effortlessly navigate the recording process and achieve the audio excellence of a large-format console with the Audient iD14. Crafted by industry experts, this high-performance 10x4 USB audio interface is tailored for musicians, producers, voiceover artists, and more, delivering studio-grade results in a sleek desktop package.

Key Features

  • Versatile Application: Ideal for Musicians, Producers, and Voiceover Artists
  • USB Connectivity: Seamless Type-A Connection
  • Premium Preamps: 2 Class-A Mic Preamps and 1/4" Hi-Z Input
  • Monitoring Flexibility: 1 Headphone Output and 2 Monitor Outs
  • High-Resolution AD/DA: 24-Bit / 96 kHz Burr-Brown Technology
  • Power Options: AC Adapter or Bus Powered, Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Phantom Power: Equipped for Condenser Mics
  • Intuitive Control: Multifunction Knob and Virtual Scroll Wheel Technology
  • Expanded Functionality: Onboard Talkback and ADAT Input
  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for DAWs, Virtual Instruments, Samples, and Cabinet Simulation
  • Warranty: 1 year

Unlock a world of creative possibilities with support for various applications—whether working with your favorite DAW, exploring virtual instruments, experimenting with samples, or diving into cabinet simulation for unique sonic textures.

Elevate your recording experience with the Audient iD14—a compact powerhouse that combines elegance with functionality, delivering professional results for your creative endeavors.

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Audient iD14 USB Audio Interface


Simplify your recording process and achieve the audio performance of a large-format console with the compact and elegant Audient iD14. Designed for musicians, producers, voiceover artists, and more, this high-performance 10x4 USB audio interface is equipped with premium features for exceptional sound quality.

Class-A Mic Preamps and Instrument Input

Experience gold-star treatment for your microphones with the iD14's pair of Class-A mic preamps, the same found in Audient's world-class consoles. The harmonically rich JFET 1/4" instrument input allows you to plug in your guitar or bass directly, capturing the character of valve amplifiers.

Premium Audio Quality

Featuring 24-bit/96 kHz Burr-Brown AD/DA converters, the iD14 ensures premium accuracy while maintaining a natural and musical sound. The inclusion of a TOSLINK optical port allows for digital input expansion, accommodating ADAT- or S/PDIF-equipped external mic preamps or A/D converters.

Comprehensive Monitor Control

The iD14 interface provides stereo 1/4" monitor outputs, an independent Class-AB headphone output, and console-style monitor control. With features like dim, cut, mono sum, and the revolutionary ScrollControl, adjusting levels and navigating your content has never been easier.

Key Features

Two Class-A Microphone Preamps

  • Developed by legend David Dearden
  • Low noise, low distortion, and high common mode rejection at all gain levels

Analog I/O

  • Two XLR-1/4" combo mic/line inputs
  • Discrete JFET DI input for instruments
  • Balanced 1/4" stereo speaker outputs and independent Class-AB headphone output

8-Channel Digital Input Expansion

  • TOSLINK optical input for ADAT or S/PDIF signals
  • Expand recording setup with ADAT-equipped mic preamps


  • Virtual scroll wheel for DAW control
  • Assignable for monitoring features

Console-Style Monitor Controller

  • Mono sum, polarity, dim, cut, talkback, and cue-mix monitoring

Built-In Talkback

  • Dedicated talkback technology using any connected audio source

Rugged Durability

  • All-metal construction
  • Hand-finished aluminum knobs
  • High-grade component selection

Bundled Software

  • Compatible with major audio software and plug-ins
  • Includes professional software for recording

Bundled Software

The iD14 comes with a bundle of professional software to kickstart your recording journey:

  • Steinberg Cubase LE and Cubasis LE 2: Turn your computer or iPad into a music studio.
  • Steinberg Retrologue 2: Emulates the warmth of classic analog synthesizers.
  • Waldorf Edition 2 LE: Software emulations of classic Waldorf products.
  • Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound: Speaker and miking simulation plug-in.
  • GForce M-Tron Pro LE: Industry-standard emulation of the classic Mellotron.
  • The Sample Boutique from Loopmasters: Over 2GB of loops and samples.
  • Produce Like a Pro: Three free online courses full of valuable insight.
  • Subitopiano: 20 minutes of free recording time on a real grand piano through a fully automated studio.


With its robust construction, advanced features, and bundled software, the Audient iD14 is your go-to solution for achieving polished productions. Upgrade your recording experience with this versatile USB audio interface.

Engineered to survive everyday use, iD14 delivers professional quality audio in a small but durable package