Audio Technica ATH-LS70IS Dual Symphonic Driver In Ear Headphones

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Audio-Technica ATH-LS70IS Dual Symphonic Driver In Ear Headphones bring premium supra-aural sound quality via dual drivers for a premium offering in this price bracket.
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Product Description

Audio-Technica ATH-LS70IS Dual Symphonic Driver In Ear Headphones focus on the timeless feature of exceptional sound quality and achieve this without all the bells and whistles of many other market offerings, at a very aggressive price point. These in-ear monitors use dual-symphonic drivers to divide and direct sound ensuring a premium listening experience, whatever your function. In addition, the intelligent shape reduces acoustic radiation resistance for effortless and accurate sound reproduction.
The ATH-LS70IS boasts a modern ergonomic form that has a relatively small in-ear footprint. Designed to sit snugly inside the ear and block out external noise, they sit securely even when you are moving around. The cable is made up of memory wire near the earpieces, so it holds its shape and helps the earpieces stay in place.
Gone are the days when in-ear monitors out of fashion. Current technology means you can get a lot out of these powerful little buds. They are perfect for taking on the road and feature detachable cables and a carry case to make transport even more convenient.
The key selling point of the ATH-LS70IS is that it offers dual drivers, at a single driver price. With exceptional noise isolation, this is a well-balanced all-rounder product for monitoring, mixing and recreational listening.
  • Dual symphonic in-ear monitor headphones with premium sound quality with the premiere "Live Tuned" symphonic driver
  • The rigid and sturdy carbon-coated diaphragm gives wide and expressive audio for incredible detail
  • Perfectly balanced sound with reduced distortion and rich bass

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  • Frequency Response: 5-26,000 Hz
  • Output sound:   104dB/mW
  • Impedence: 11.5Ω
  • Maximum output power: 200mW
  • Weight:    Approximately 6.5g