Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB-XLR Mic with Mini Tripod Stand


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The Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone is a superb, high-quality sound option for all your analogue and digital voice recording needs.

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Product Description

If you need to capture crisp and clear vocals in a variety of settings, then look no further than the Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone. This mic is ideal for performers, podcasters, songwriters, field recordists and broadcasters who need extremely clean and high-quality audio. Along with analogue uses, you can conveniently connect directly to your Mac or PC for a range of digital functions.
If you are looking for a traditional live performance mic there is an included XLR cable that allows you to plug into a mixer or standard analogue pre-amp. Otherwise you can plug in via USB to your laptop or desktop computer and configure easily with your DAW. With exceptional off-axis rejection and smooth frequency response, this is a really good mic for podcasters and field recorders who need to capture audio free from external interference. There is also a 1/8" (3.5mm) output for latency-free headphone monitoring.
  • Dynamic mic with digital USB capabilities and analogue XLR input
  • Connect to your Mac or PC for digital recording and monitoring
  • Connect via XLR to traditional preamp or mixer for analogue functions
  • Smooth frequency response for home studio, podcasting and field recording without external noise
  • Built-in headphone input for direct monitoring without delay
  • Cardioid polar pattern reduces external noise and unwanted sound pickup
  • AD converter with a high-quality 16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate
  • Comes with tripod desk stand, USB and XLR cables
  • Sturdy metal construction for robust long life

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  • Output Connectors: 1 x 3-Pin XLR
  • Headphone Connector: 1 x 1/8" (3.5 mm)
  • Bit Depth: 16-Bit
  • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Frequency Range: 50 Hz to 15 kHz