Audio Technica ATW-2110 2000 Series Wireless Body Pack System

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The Audio-Technica ATW-2110 2000 Series Wireless Body Pack System brings professional level wireless technology at an affordable price for a diverse range of operations.
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Product Description

The good folks over at Audio-Technica have designed a suite of wireless microphones to bridge the gap between affordability and professional quality. With the Audio-Technica ATW-2110 2000 Series Wireless Body Pack System you receive premium sound quality, alongside cutting-edge wireless technology.
The ATW-2110a operates between the UHF frequencies of 487.125 to 506.500 MHz band, and is made up of the ATW-T210 UniPak body-pack transmitter and ATW-R2100 diversity UHF receiver. There are 10 selectable UHF frequencies which means you can use up to 10 systems at the same time. The super easy touch scanning allows you to locate a clear frequency with a press of a button. The rear panel has a balanced XLR output and an unbalanced ¼” connection for connecting to a wide range of audio equipment. All the important operating information is displayed on an easy to read LED screen.
The ATW-T210 UniPak transmitter is a convenient and lightweight and operates on the same frequency as the receiver. It provides crisp and clear voice reproduction with minimal noise pickup. Operating for 9 hours on two AA batteries, this is a handy and reliable piece of equipment.
Make sure you are familiar with legal requirements of wireless operation in your location.
Wireless body pack for performers, professionals, bingo callers, auctioneers, fitness instructors and more
Supreme sound quality
10 compatible UHF channels on 2 frequency ranges
Ground lift switch for minimising unwanted noise
Tone Lock technology for fighting system interference
Rugged construction and connectors


Approx. Working Range: 300'(100m)
Overall Frequency Response: 100Hz to 15kHz
# Of Channels: 10
Type of Outputs: Balanced: XLR-male, Unbalanced: 1/4" Phone
Type of Input Connector: 4-pin Hirose connection