Auditorium sound system with 4 QSC E112 Loudspeaker, 2 QSC E118sw Subwoofer, 3 GXD8 Amplifier, 2 K10.2 Stage Monitor, TouchMix 30 Digital Mixer and 4 Sennheiser Wireless Microphone


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Every auditorium needs a high quality sound system that is going to evenly disperse sound across the whole space. Look no further than this specially configured Auditorium Sound System featuring products from QSC including loudspeakers, subwoofer, mixer, monitor and mic.
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QSC Auditorium sound system Description

The school auditorium is the heart of the school. It is the meeting place for assemblies, presentations, awards ceremonies, school dancers, music performances, dance recitals and more. That is why it is so important that your school has a sound system that can keep up with this high level of activity and deliver crisp and clear sound time after time. We understand that teachers and school administrators aren’t necessarily audio experts, and it can be hard to scour the market for the perfect products to suit your school’s needs. That is why we have configured this exceptional Auditorium Sound System featuring products from QSC.

System Features

  • Here you will find 4 QSC E112 speakers with wall mounting brackets, so you can put one in every corner for complete coverage of the entire space. You will get all the coverage you need thanks to the 85 degree DMT waveguide and 1.75 inch compression drivers.
  • Paired with 2 QSC E118SW subwoofers you will get the extra bass that is required to give a rich and full sound thanks to high-class frequency shading topography. This is important beyond announcements, and will ensure your auditorium is equipped for performance and professional grade presentations. The rugged enclosure and steel grills ensure these will last for many years to come.
  • If you still need more power, this setup includes 3 extra QSC GXD8 amps with up to 4500 watts each! That means no matter how big your auditorium, you’ll never be left wanting more. While the 2 10.2 stage monitors give presenters and musicians all the live fold back they need to ensure even performance.
  • All this sheer sound force is managed by the QSC TouchMIx 30 Digital Mixer. With 32 inputs and the ability to control from your tablet or device, this intuitive and feature packed interface can be used from anywhere in the room to manage the whole show.
  • 2 Sennheiser handheld dual vocal sets are your answer to high quality voice reproduction.

System Includes

  • 4 x QSC E112 Loudspeaker with wall mount bracket

  • 2 x QSC E118sw Subwoofer

  • 3 x QSC GXD8 Amplifier

  • 2 x QSC K10.2 Stage Monitor

  • 1 x TouchMix 30 Digital Mixer with Multi-track recording and MP3 playback

  • 2 x Sennheiser XSW 1-825 Dual-Vocal Set with a pair of 825 Handheld Wireless Microphone