Church Audio System with 4 DAS OVi12 Loudspeaker, 2 DAS PA-1500 Amplifier and QSC TouchMix 30 Digital Mixer


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Lift your praises and your sermons high with this stellar church audio system featuring powerful DAS speakers, a DAS amplifier and a QSC digital mixer. These hand selected products will deliver high quality audio richness for every service.
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Vendor: DAS

System Description

Are you looking for a new church audio system to reinvigorate your services? We understand that you have an important message to deliver, that is why we have tailored this sound system package: so you can be heard loud and clear week after week. In this package you will find 4 great quality DAS Ovi12 speakers, as well as 2 DAS PA-1500 amplifiers.

That means you will have enough sonic power to fill any sized space with rich, clear and evenly dispersed sound. Not only will your sermons be heard by every ear, but your band will also be able to lift their highest praises in worship. All of this sonic energy will be harnessed by the QSC TouchMix 30 digital mixer that brings cutting edge technology together with ease of use. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to breathe new life into your church audio system today.

- The DAS Ovi12 speakers feature 12” coaxial design within a light weight and versatile polypropylene shell. These loudspeakers are renowned for excellent speech intelligibility and rich music production. They come with a wamm mount bracket for easy installation. Place one in each corner of the room for clear sound no matter where your audience is seated.

- The DAS PA-1500 amplifiers pack a mighty sonic punch with 1500 watts of power per unit. They have a rugged enclosure, which is well suited to stage life and will be certainly stand the test of time. The low noise fans ensure cool and quiet running while the switches allow you to quickly toggle between different modes such as bridge, parallel or stereo.

- The QSC TouchMIx 30 is a mixing dream device. It has 32 inputs and an intuitive interface that suits beginners and advanced users alike. If you need help with finding the perfect balance in your mix, there are loads of wizards and preset options. Or, take complete custom control and tailor the mix to your exact specifications. With built in wi-fi to control from a mobile device, recording capabilities, and mp3 streaming, it has everything you could possibly need.

System Includes

4 x DAS OVi12 Loudspeaker with wamm mount bracket

2 x DAS PA-1500 Amplifier

1 x TouchMix 30 Digital Mixer with Multi-track recording and MP3 playback