D.A.S Audio ALTEA-412 Portable 2-Way 12" Passive Speaker (1200W)

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The D.A.S. Audio ALTEA-412, a 12" passive point source PA speaker, boasts 1200W of power, portability, versatility, and ease of use. Capable of functioning as a primary PA in numerous positions, a duo of these speakers can comfortably cater to an audience of up to 300.


Features includes:

  • Ideal for concerts, house of worship, clubs, halls, and theaters
  • High-power passive 2-way system
  • Peak power handling of 1200W
  • Features a 12" bass loudspeaker
  • Equipped with M-32 compression driver
  • Provides 90 x 60° coverage
  • Housed in a lightweight polypropylene enclosure
  • Includes four ergonomic handles for easy transportation
  • Can be stand-mounted or angled as a stage monitor
  • Comes with integrated M8 rigging points for secure setup
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Vendor: DAS
Categories: DAS PA Speakers


The ALTEA-412 is a passive system designed for compatibility with external amplification and outboard DSP. This design provides users with the flexibility to select their preferred power source while still enjoying the high-quality enclosure features and top-tier components found in the powered ALTEA 400 versions.

The ALTEA-412 employs the esteemed 12Mi loudspeaker, a professional-grade component that delivers precise and musically satisfying low-frequency reproduction. High frequencies are expertly managed by the M-32 compression driver with a 1" exit, ensuring outstanding performance across all sound ranges. This combination of finely matched components is ideally suited for superior music reproduction.

Technica Information

Frequency Range (-10 dB) 68 Hz – 20 kHz
Horizontal Coverage (-6 dB) 90º
Vertical Coverage 60º
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
RMS Power Handling 300 W
Peak Power Handling 1200 W
On-axis Sensitivity 1W/1 m 96 dB SPL
Maximum Peak SPL at 1 m 127 dB
Recommended Amplifier PA-900
Recommended Processor DSP-226
Audio Input Connector 1 x speakON NL4
Audio Output Connector 1 x speakON NL4
Enclosure Construction Polypropylene
Enclosure Geometry Trapezoidal
Rigging M8 Rigging Points
Color Black
Depth 350 mm (13,8 in)
Dimensions ( H x W x D ) 655 x 380 x 350 mm
25,8 x 15,0 x 13,8 in
Net Weight 14,5 kg ( 32,0 lb )
LF Driver 12MI
HF Driver M-32
Carton Dimensions ( H x W x D ) 750 x 450 x 415 mm
29,5 x 17,7 x 16,3 in
Shipping Weight 17,5 kg ( 38,6 lb )