EB-L570U 3LCD Laser Projector

$6,000.00 $5,550.00

$5,550.00 (excl. GST) $6,049.50 (incl. GST)

Experience ultra-bright, detailed images with the Epson EB-L1570U projector, featuring 4K Enhancement technology for visibly smoother and sharper displays. This projector delivers 4.6 million pixels on screen, ensuring exceptional clarity even at close viewing distances and seamlessly accepts 4K content.

Key Features:

  • 4K Enhancement: Enjoy stunning visuals with 4.6 million pixels on screen, delivering unparalleled image quality and detail.
  • Large, Ultra-Wide Display: Immerse yourself in video conferencing experiences with displays of up to an impressive 500" diagonal size. Choose from standard 16:10 and 16:9 aspect ratios or opt for ultra-wide 16:6 and 21:9 options for enhanced immersion.
  • Attachable ELPEC01 Camera: Simplify multi-projector functions with the optional attachable ELPEC01 camera, enabling features such as simple stacking, screen matching, and blending without the need for a PC.

Ideal for Various Environments:

  • Hybrid Corporate Environments: Elevate corporate meetings and presentations with easy operation and seamless integration.
  • Educational Spaces: Enhance learning experiences in classrooms and lecture halls, fostering more equitable and collaborative environments.
  • Immersive Applications: Transform entertainment and immersive environments with exceptional visual performance and ease of use.

Elevate your entertainment, educational, and corporate spaces with the Epson EB-L1570U projector, delivering unparalleled image quality and versatility from start to finish.

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Epson EB-L570U Laser Projector: Brilliant Colors and Stunning Clarity

Experience brilliant colors and stunning clarity with the versatile Epson EB-L570U laser projector. Designed for meeting rooms, classrooms, and beyond, this compact projector offers native WUXGA resolution with 4K Enhancement for exceptional image quality. With 5,200 lumens of brightness, it delivers smooth, detailed images even up close.

Key Features:

  • Vivid Image Quality: Enjoy vibrant colors and crisp details with 5,200 lumens of color and white brightness.

  • Native WUXGA with 4K Enhancement: Experience clear, detailed images with native WUXGA resolution enhanced with 4K technology.

  • Flexible Display Options: Switch between a variety of aspect ratios, including standard 16:10 and ultra-wide 21:9, providing immersive experiences for hybrid work environments and classrooms.

  • Easy Installation and Operation: The EB-L570U is simple to install and operate, making it convenient for users from start to finish.

  • Long-lasting Performance: With a 20,000-hour virtually maintenance-free laser light source and air filter, enjoy reliable performance without frequent maintenance.

Additional Features:

  • Attachable ELPEC01 Camera: Simplify complex multi-projector applications with the optional attachable ELPEC01 camera.

  • Versatile Projection: Project up to 500" diagonal in 16:10 aspect ratio, plus ultra-wide 16:6 and 21:9 options for larger displays and higher resolution.

Elevate your presentations and viewing experiences with the Epson EB-L570U laser projector, delivering exceptional image quality and versatility in a compact design.