Events Portable PA System Package with 2 Wharfedale Pro Typhon AX12BT Speaker and SL424USB Mixer


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Every event needs good quality sound, but not every organiser has time to research the perfect setup. Here you will find everything you need in the Events Portable PA System Package with 2 Wharfedale Pro Typhon-AX12-BT Speakers and the SL424USB Mixer.
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Catering? Tick. Decorations? Tick. Sound? Every event needs good quality sound, whether it is a small party or a large conference. It is imperative your guests, patrons or delegates can hear the speeches clearly, and even more important that they can hear the music as the dance floor comes to life. Sound can make or break an event, but not all event organisers know what they are looking for when it comes to a sound system. Here you will find the Events Portable PA System Package with 2 Wharfedale Pro Typhon-AX12-BT Bluetooth Speakers and the Wharfedale Pro SL424USB Mixer with XLR Output, which has absolutely everything you need, and is very easy to use.
The Wharfedale Pro Typhon-AX12-BT Bluetooth speakers bring power and portability to the party. With 720 watts (1440 watts peak) of power each, they output high-quality sound for a wide range of functions and are perfect for both large and small venues. Best of all, the built-in EQ and transducer response correction ensures all output is distortion free. No annoying snaps, crackles or pops. Despite housing many features, these speakers are lightweight and easy to transport as you setup and configure your room.
In this package you will also find an extremely easy-to-use and versatile mixer in the Wharfedale Pro SL424USB Mixer with XLR Output. There are 6 channels so you can setup multiple microphones and instruments, and just in case you aren’t near a power source, you can even run it off a 9V battery. With five mic preamps, six stereo channels and a lot of different input options, you really can’t go wrong, whatever your needs.

Wharfedale Pro Typhon AX12BT Bluetooth speakers:

- 720 watts (1440 watts peak) of power with wide sound dispersion
- Good for large and small rooms
- Lightweight and ergonomically designed
- aptX Bluetooth connectivity
- Stereo Link mode
- Custom Wharfedale Pro drivers
- Typhon is supplied with a special wedge angle adaptor, to use as a stage floor monitor

Wharfedale Pro SL424 USB Mixer (8 Input/ 4 Output) with XLR Output:

- 8 Inputs/ 4 Outputs (2 XLR Output and 2 1/4 Inch Mono Output)
- Full Duplex 2 In/2 Out 16-Bit 48kHz USB Interface
- Dedicated USB Recording Bus (Excluding SL 424)
- Switchable Line/USB Return Channels (Excluding SL 424)
- Studio Grade Phantom Powered Microphone Pre-Amps
- Ultra Musical 3-Band EQ with High Pass Filters
- Built-In Digital FX with Dedicated Send
- 2 Auxiliary Sends (1 Send on SL 424)
- Dedicated Stereo Return with Level Control
- Pan and Balance Controls
- Master Outputs with XLR and TRS Connectors
- PFL for All Channels
- Control Room and Headphone Outputs

System includes:

2 x Wharfedale Pro Typhon AX12BT Active PA Speaker with Bluetooth 720 watts (1440 watts peak) power
1 x Wharfedale Pro SL424USB Mixer (8 Input and 4 Output) with 1/4inch and XLR Output
4 x Premium grade audio cables