Focal Professional Alpha 50 Evo Studio Monitors (Black) - 1 Pair

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$908.30 (excl. GST) $990.05 (incl. GST)

Product features:


  • The wide dispersion of the sound allows it to be maintained throughout the entire room.
  • The slate fiber cone was manufactured in France; its neutrality and lack of distortion make for a superbly balanced tone at any volume level.
  • Connecting up to three audio sources is simple, with inserts for wall fastening included as well
  • Price listed is for 1 Pair (2 Speakers)
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Vendor: Focal

Product Description

Focal's Alpha 50 Evo is a monitor with 1” (25mm) aluminum tweeter and 5" (13cm) woofer with slatefiber cone developed & manufactured in Focals workshops. Featuring excellent dynamics, the neutral tonal balance makes it very versatile.

Video Reviews of the Focal Professional Alpha 50 Evo Studio Monitors


These active 2-way professional studio monitors are designed for mixing in very heterogeneous environments.

Focal has chosen an aluminium inverted dome tweeter and the exclusive Slatefiber cone—acclaimed for its neutrality and dynamics —for renewed performance in this speaker.


Slatefiber technology, a Focal exclusive, involves the use of recycled carbon fibers sandwiched between two layers of thermoplastic polymer.

In their quest for perfection, Focal engineers have chosen to use non-woven carbon fibres (all pointing in the same direction) because they provide greater rigidity and better damping.

The Alpha 65 Evo is a floor-standing speaker developed and made in France. Its aluminum tweeter and Slatefiber woofer deliver superb sonic coherence, regardless of where you're listening from.


The Alpha Evo range features a new 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS jack in addition to XLR and RCA analogue inputs; the monitoring system can also be set up with wall or ceiling brackets for use on stage, broadcast or studio applications.

Two amplifiers in this unit provide high current capacity and help keep signal dynamics under control, so that even at high volumes there is no distortion.


The Alpha Evo monitors are designed to easily integrate in even the most cramped spaces thanks to their bass-reflex design.

In addition to being more ergonomic, the rounded edges and sleek side panels of modern monitors are more attractive than conventional models.


The Alpha Evo studio monitors were designed to provide clear, detailed sound reproduction in any acoustical environment.

The Alpha Evo was designed by our engineers in France to ensure a seamless integration and optimum aesthetics.


The tweeter is made of pure aluminum, with an inverted dome shape that gives the listener a wide dispersion from which to optimally experience sound.

Focal prefers a rigid dome for tweeters because there is less warping, distortion and intermodulation. To control the resonances of the cones, Focal designed a small acoustic waveguide to adjust the directivity and dispersion of the tweeter. Also, to be less sensitive to cabinet diffraction.


The Alpha Evo's sonic signature is due to the Slatefiber membrane cone. With its unique pop of blue, Slatefiber hits all three targets and more. Using recycled non-woven carbon fibers sandwiched between layers of thermoplastic polymer, the woofer cone provides the perfect composition for smooth, accurate sound, whatever the type of music.


The Alpha Evo range offers excellent sound uniformity wherever you listen thanks to the wide dispersion, which allows you to keep the same sound throughout the room. Thanks to new technologies and features, the Alpha Evo 50 nearfield monitor offers excellent dynamics and neutrality in its tonal balance.