Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre USB-C Audio Interface

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Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre: Expand Your Audio Horizons
Key Features
Enhanced Connectivity
Add 8 Mic Pres and 8 Line Outs to your existing interfaces seamlessly with the Clarett+ OctoPre. Connect via ADAT for expanded capabilities.

Classic Analog Air
Experience the iconic Focusrite Analog Air (ISA 110) sound, adding a classic touch to your audio recordings.

High-Quality AD/DA Conversion
Immerse yourself in studio-grade audio with 24-bit / 192 kHz AD/DA conversion, ensuring exceptional clarity and fidelity.

Dual-Port ADAT I/O
The Clarett+ OctoPre provides Dual-Port ADAT I/O, enabling the transmission of 8 additional channels for versatile recording options.

Insert Points on Every Channel
Enjoy flexibility with switchable insert points on every channel, offering creative possibilities for your audio processing.

Power and Synchronization
Benefit from 48V Power on All Inputs and Word Clock I/O for reliable power and synchronization.

Superior Dynamic Range
With an impressive 118 dB of Dynamic Range and 129 dBu EIN, the Clarett+ OctoPre delivers pristine and detailed audio capture.

Two Hi-Z Instrument Inputs cater to your instrument recording needs, ensuring clarity and definition for your musical creations.

Versatile Outputs
Outputs can be fed from D/A or Mic Pres, providing options for routing and monitoring according to your preferences.

Designed for Excellence
Seamless Integration
The Clarett+ OctoPre seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, building upon the success of the original OctoPre.

High-Dynamic-Range Advancements
Experience improved high-dynamic-range A/D, elevating your recording quality and ensuring your audio projects stand out.

Expand your audio capabilities with the Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre—a powerful addition to enhance your recording and production workflow.

3 years

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Vendor: Focusrite

Focusrite Clarett+ OctoPre: Elevate Your Recording Experience

Inputs Engineered for Excellence

Extended Headroom

The front-panel inputs of Clarett+ OctoPre provide an extended amount of headroom, catering to high-output signal sources such as electric guitars.

Versatile Input Options

The rear panel offers XLR-1/4" combination jacks for the remaining six inputs, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with various sources.

Dynamic Analog-to-Digital Conversion

Experience a dynamic range of 118 dB with each input leading into a 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion stage, capable of sample rates up to 192 kHz.

Individual Insert Points

Each input features its own insertion point with hardwired relay bypass, allowing integration with outboard compressors, EQs, or any preferred processors.

Outputs Designed for Versatility

High-Performance Digital-to-Analog Conversion

The Clarett OctoPre offers eight channels of digital-to-analog conversion, delivering an impressive 118 dB of dynamic range for clear and detailed audio output.

Flexible Analog Outputs

Analog outputs are accessible via a 25-pin D-sub connection, providing flexibility in configuring outputs for mixing sessions or feeding live consoles.

Line-Level Signal Option

Configurable to accept line-level signal from the mic pres, making it suitable for simultaneous recording and mixing sessions.

Classic Focusrite Sound with All-Analog Air

Premium Analog Circuitry

Embrace the classic Focusrite sound with premium relay-controlled analog circuitry on every preamp, emulating the iconic Focusrite ISA 110.

Analog Air Feature

Engage the Air feature to switch impedance to 2.2 kilohms and add two cumulative high shelves, resulting in a 4 dB boost in high frequencies.

Clarett+ Mic Pre: Truest Version of Your Sound

Superior Dynamic Range

With 118 dB of dynamic range and 129 dBu EIN, the Clarett+ Mic Pre preserves the natural sound of source signals, delivering a professional Focusrite sound.

Fully Balanced Signal Path

Ensure clean and ultralow noise inbound signals with a fully balanced signal path, capturing the true essence of your recordings.

Inserts on Every Channel: Stay Plugged In

Dedicated Channel Inserts

Clarett+ OctoPre's eight dedicated channel inserts enable you to track through your favorite outboard gear, adding character and flexibility to your recordings.

Flexible Insert Design

Easily integrate analog equipment into the signal path with the Clarett+ OctoPre's flexible and user-friendly insert design.

Improved A-D Converters: Clear, Accurate Multitracking

Ultralow Noise/Distortion

Handle any recording session confidently with Clarett+ OctoPre's improved A-D conversion, offering ultralow noise and distortion for clear and accurate multitracking.

Professional-Sounding Tracks

The powerful preamps combined with A-D conversion result in professional-sounding tracks, ready for seamless mixing.

Improved D-A Converters: Preserve Your Signature Style

Exceptional D-A Conversion

Preserve your signature style with Clarett+ OctoPre's exceptional D-A conversion, ensuring audio quality is maintained when sending audio to analog compressors, EQs, and effects.

Seamless Integration with Analog Equipment

Connect Clarett+ OctoPre to a Clarett+ 8Pre via ADAT, sending 16 channels to a mixer and ensuring your audio processing maintains its original quality.

Premium-Quality Audio over ADAT: Expand Your I/O

Easy Expansion

Add Clarett+ OctoPre to a 2Pre, 4Pre, or 8Pre effortlessly and consistently via ADAT, expanding your I/O capabilities for enhanced recording flexibility.

Upgrade to Professional Standard

Non-Clarett+ users can upgrade to a professional standard by connecting to an ADAT-enabled interface, bringing the classic Focusrite sound to their recordings with Clarett+ OctoPre.

JFET Guitar Inputs: Preserve the Natural Tone

True Guitar Characteristics

Capture the true characteristics of guitars with Clarett+ OctoPre's JFET guitar inputs, retaining the purity of high frequencies.

Amp-Like Experience

Wide input bandwidth provides an amp-like experience, ensuring your guitar recordings sound authentic and true to their natural tone.