Jabra Engage 55 Mono MS, Wireless DECT Headset, USB-C (Black) (9553-470-111)

$464.32 $433.72

$433.72 (excl. GST) $472.75 (incl. GST)

Product Features:

  • On-Ear
  • Mono - Single sided
  • Wireless DECT
  • Noise Cancelling (ANC)
  • Microsoft Team Certified
  • USB-C
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The Jabra Engage 55 is a dependable headset designed to make your workday more productive by allowing you to communicate with colleagues and clients wherever you are. With Engage 55, you can communicate with confidence in any situation—at home or at work.

Professional level conversations

When you're on back-to-back calls or virtual meetings, every word counts. Engage 55's impressive noise canceling microphone helps block out background sounds so that you always look professional—even if your home office isn't as nice as the one at work!

The speakers are designed to optimize speech clarity, while the wideband audio delivers crisp, clear calls that sound more natural. So goodbye creaky robotic voices—hello engaging conversations!

Easy USB connectivity

The Engage 55 comes pre-paired with a USB DECT adapter, so all you have to do is connect it for hassle-free calling.

With this single-connectivity headset, you can make and receive calls while using your computer.

Works with everything

Regardless of the communication platform you use, Engage 55 is ready. It works with all major unified communications (UC) and contact center platforms—providing a seamless experience within those environments as well.

Whether you’re working from home, or in the office, it's nice to have a wireless phone that allows you to move around with your laptop during a call. The Engage 55 Compact USB DECT Adapter offers just this

While on a call, get up from your desk for coffee or to walk around the office.

Power. Range. Safety

The DECT cordless phone's wireless range is up to 15 times that of a Bluetooth® Class 2 device, making it an ideal choice for people who make frequent calls and need greater mobility. In fact, the Engage 55 cordless telephone has been designed specifically with this kind of user in mind.

With DECT’s wireless technology, that means you won't have any trouble having a conversation with your colleagues no matter how many people are working in the same place. And because this is such a reliable connection for your conversations, it can be used to make calls with clients or customers without worrying about privacy issues.

256-bit encryption

Regardless of how you're working these days, if your conversations often include sensitive details—such as patient information or business secrets—it's important to know that the wireless adapter for Engage 55 is DECT Security certified.

But because we take the security of your data so seriously, we go beyond DECT C security with additional military-grade 256-bit FIPS encryption algorithms to prevent eavesdropping and keep conversations safe.

As flexible as your schedule

Link 400 was built to withstand the demands of your day, whether you're at a shared desk or setting up shop in an office. Its durable design means it can handle being folded and stowed away without getting damaged.

Perfect for companies with clean desk policies or workers who are eager to work in different settings.

Lightweight, all-day comfort.

Frustration with a poorly designed headset can distract you from the conversation. We made sure that our Engage 55 headphones are lightweight, with low clamping force and an adjustable headband so that they won’t cause discomfort when worn for long periods of time or during back-to-back calls.

Hearing safety

The advanced SafeTone 2.0 technology in Engage 55 protects hearing while reducing virtual conversation fatigue resulting from poor audio quality—so you’ll be able to stay on call longer without feeling exhausted or distracted.

  • PeakStop ™ prevents sudden spikes in audio

  • IntelliTone ™ 2.0 limits overall audio exposure

  • Speech level normalization and intelligent acoustic shock prevention maintain comfortable audio levels throughout the day

Always one step ahead

Our Jabra Xpress software and Jabra Direct will keep your headphones up to date with the latest features, so you can enjoy them for years.

Protect your focus

The Engage 55's busy light is designed to help you avoid interruptions. It lights up red during a call and lets anyone nearby know that you are unavailable at the moment.

Ready when you want

With up to 13 hours* of battery life, it is unlikely that the phone will run out during a conversation. If this does occur and you hear the dreaded "low battery," no disruption in service should be experienced as all one has to do is plug in their charger cable and carry on talking.

Multiple usage styles

Because different people have different preferences, the Engage 55 is available in three clothing styles—ear hook, headband and neckloop models.

Technical specifications


  • Jabra Link 400 DECT adapter for computers with USB-A or USB-C variant. Wide and safe range up to 150m / 490ft from your computer

  • Unique connectivity Connect to your computer

  • Device Pairing Pair a single headset to your computer. Conference on up to 3 additional headsets during calls


  • Microphone Double microphone: unidirectional MEMS system and analogue ECM (stereo / mono); Unidirectional ECM microphone (convertible)

  • Professional-grade speakers for exceptional vocal clarity

  • Side tone Yes

  • Stereo sound Yes, stereo model only


  • Secure DECT Level C Uses FIPS 140-2 algorithms to pass DECT Security Step C standards

Easy to use

  • Rechargeable battery Up to 13 hours of battery life for stereo / mono, up to 9 hours for convertible.

  • Spare battery available as stereo / mono accessory

  • Busylight Busylight acts as a do not disturb signal to avoid interruptions

  • Easy charging. Charging cable included

  • Optional Charging Cradle Easy charging and docking with the optional charging cradle

  • Call management Answer / reject calls; increase / decrease the speaker volume; silence

Comfort and well-being

  • Ear pads Soft, non-adherent leatherette pads keep ears cool and comfortable to wear all day

  • Lightweight Stereo 83g / 2.93oz, Mono 57g / 2.01oz, Convertible 21g / 0.63oz

  • SafeToneTM 2.0 Hearing Protection (includes PeakStopTM, Intelligent Acoustic Shock Protection, Speech Level Normalization and IntelliToneTM 2.0)

Software integration

  • Device management and firmware updates

  • Use Jabra Xpress and Jabra Direct to manage and configure


  • UC and MS variants Choose between UC or Microsoft Teams variants

  • Stereo, mono and convertible wearable styles. Convertible comes with ear hook, headband and headband


  • Microsoft certified teams. Compliant with Premium Microphone Standard for Open Office (stereo and mono variants)