Korg B2 88 Key Digital Piano - White

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Introducing the Korg B2 Digital Piano, where innovation meets authenticity:

Authentic Acoustic Feel: Experience a natural weighted hammer action (NH) keyboard for that genuine acoustic piano touch.
Cutting-Edge Sound: Immerse yourself in the advanced piano sound engine offering 12 meticulously chosen sounds.
Connectivity at its Best: Versatile I/O options ensure easy connectivity to various devices, making your musical experience seamless.
Software Bundle Delight: Enjoy a generous software bundle that enhances your musical journey.
Practical Design: The included music rest accommodates sheet music and mobile devices for your convenience.
Customize Your Play: Multiple keyboard configurations adapt to your playing style, providing a personalized experience.
Lightweight and Portable: Take your music anywhere with the piano's lightweight and portable design.
Touch Control Variety: Explore three types of touch control for a tailored playing experience.
Pitch Perfect: Transpose and fine-tune with pitch control options.
Tuning Precision: Temper your tunes with equal temperament adjustment.
Stereo PCM Sound Generation: Enjoy high-quality stereo PCM sound generation.
Polyphonic Power: With a maximum polyphony of 120 voices, express yourself without limitations.
Rich Sound Palette: Choose from 12 onboard sounds and elevate your musical expression.
Demo Delight: Play along with 12 demo songs to enhance your practice sessions.
Effects Galore: Add depth to your performance with reverb and chorus effects.
Metronome Mastery: Take control of tempo, time signature, and volume with built-in metronome features.
Pedal Power: The damper pedal is included, with support for half-pedaling when paired with the optional PU-2 pedal unit (available separately).
Elevate your musical journey with the Korg B2 Digital Piano—where every feature is designed to inspire and enhance your playing experience.

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Introducing the Korg B2 Digital Piano: A New Era of Musical Innovation

Authentic Acoustic Piano Feel

Experience the realism of the Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard, offering a true acoustic piano feel. The 88-note NH keyboard with adjustable touch control promotes proper playing technique, especially beneficial for beginners. The sensitivity and nuanced touch responsiveness make the Korg B2 a standout choice.

Adjustable Touch Control

Fine-tune the action to your specific playing style with three touch control settings, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

World-Class Grand Pianos

Delve into the world of sound with 12 stunning options, including five opulent pianos from Korg's state-of-the-art engine. The German grand piano, renowned for its expressive power, delivers vibrant highs and detailed lows. Explore the richness of the Italian Concert Piano, the brightness of the Jazz Piano, and the resonant Ballad Piano.

Electric Pianos and Organs

Experience iconic electric piano sounds and versatile organ tones. The Korg B2 responds to playing dynamics and simulates key-off sounds for an authentic performance. The addition of a real sampled pipe organ adds a sublime touch.

Connectivity Beyond Limits

Connectivity is at the forefront of the Korg B2's design. Use the USB-to-Host port to connect to smartphones, tablets, or computers, transforming the piano into a MIDI controller. Record your performance on your smartphone using an optional Lightning-USB camera adaptor. Play along to your favorite music through the audio in jack, turning the B2 into a home speaker system.

Generous Software Bundle

The Korg B2 comes with a software bundle to elevate your music experience. Enjoy a three-month premium plan trial membership in Skoove, offering over ten courses and 300 songs to enhance your keyboard skills. Explore the Korg Module Le piano keyboard sound module app and the Korg Gadget 2 Le DAW music production app.

Convenient Features with Piano Simplicity

Benefit from onboard features such as an adjustable metronome, touch control settings (light, normal, heavy), and onboard reverb and chorus. The piano also includes a detachable music rest, generously sized to accommodate sheet music and a tablet simultaneously. Immerse yourself in the simplicity of a real piano with all the convenient features the Korg B2 has to offer.