Korg C1 Air 88 Key Digital Piano - Black

$1,617.16 $1,587.16

$1,587.16 (excl. GST) $1,730.00 (incl. GST)

Discover the exceptional features of the Korg C1 Air, meticulously crafted to provide a premium musical experience.

Unparalleled Sound Quality
Immerse yourself in the world-class tones of Japanese and German concert grand pianos.
Explore a diverse range of 30 total sounds, complemented by 3 adjustable studio effects for musical flexibility.
Authentic Playing Experience
Experience the true acoustic piano feel with the high-quality RH3 keyboard and its real-feel responsiveness.
Enjoy realistic sympathetic string and damper resonance, along with key-off simulation.
Versatile Performance Options
Eliminate note stealing with 120 voices of polyphony.
Unlock creative possibilities with keyboard split and layer functionality.
Engage in student/teacher duets with the Partner mode, splitting the keyboard into two pianos.
Convenient Connectivity
Connect effortlessly with Bluetooth audio receiver for practice, performance, or listening enjoyment.
Utilize line-out, MIDI I/O, and 2 stereo headphone outputs for versatile connectivity options.
Elegant Design and Premium Quality
Adorn your space with the sleek cabinet design, seamlessly blending with your decor.
Handbuilt in Miyama, Kyoto, Japan, the Korg C1 Air exemplifies premium Japanese quality in every instrument.

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Korg C1 Air: A Symphony of Affordable Excellence

Following Flagship Footsteps

Embrace the legacy of Korg's flagship G1 Air with the C1 Air — an even more affordable digital piano model. Experience incredible sounds, an authentic playing experience, split and layering capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and more, all housed in a beautiful slimline cabinet.

World-Class Grand Pianos at Your Fingertips

  • German and Japanese Concert Grands: The C1 Air offers meticulously sampled German and Japanese concert grand pianos, delivering deep audible and tactile realism.
  • Sympathetic String and Damper Resonance: Immerse yourself in the authentic resonance and key-off simulation seamlessly integrated with the C1 Air's pedals and 88 fully weighted keys.

Versatile Instrumentation

  • High-Quality Onboard Instruments: Explore 30 high-quality built-in instruments, including the brilliance of the German piano and the dynamic sound of the Japanese piano.
  • Demo Songs and Partner Mode: Learn from 40 piano songs and demo tracks, and utilize partner mode, split, and layer modes for a rich musical experience.
  • Adjustable Studio Effects: Customize your sound with three outstanding studio effects — Reverb, Brilliance, and Chorus.

Authentic Acoustic Piano Experience

  • Real-Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) Keyboard: Enjoy a true acoustic piano feel with a keyboard featuring a heavier touch in the lower keys and a lighter touch in the upper keys.
  • Key Touch Control: Tailor your playing dynamics with five sensitivity levels, ensuring faithful conveyance of your musical expression.
  • Concert-Style Pedals: Benefit from a full complement of two concert-style pedals, including half-pedaling for finer artistic expression.

Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Wireless Practice and Performance: Utilize Bluetooth connectivity to play wirelessly for practice or perform along with recorded music.
  • High-Quality Playback: Connect your mobile device to experience high-quality playback of your favorite music, enhancing your musical versatility.

Crafted with Care in Japan

The C1 Air is crafted with care and pride in Miyama, Kyoto, Japan, reflecting the region's natural beauty and traditions. Using the cell production method, Korg ensures each instrument is meticulously built with a human touch, signifying a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship.

Experience the perfect blend of affordability and excellence with the Korg C1 Air.