Korg Liano L1 88-key Portable Digital Piano – Metallic Gray

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$532.11 (excl. GST) $580.00 (incl. GST)

Introducing the Korg Liano 88-key Digital Piano with cutting-edge features for an unparalleled musical experience:

  • Responsive LS action across all 88 keys ensures quick and dynamic playability.
  • Versatile audio and MIDI connections seamlessly integrate with computers, supplementary keyboards, and DAW software.
  • Enjoy an uncompromising experience with 120-voice polyphony, allowing you to explore the 8 onboard sounds fully.
  • Immerse yourself in rich, sonorous pianos crafted from Korg’s Nautilus-derived Italian Grand sample.
  • Two circular 8W speakers provide a convenient home and practice setup for optimal sound delivery.
  • Enhance your playing with a music stand, PS-3 pedal switch, onboard metronome, and reverb for versatile use.
  • Experience full portability with the option for battery-power capability, offering 8 hours of play with just 6 AA batteries.
  • The ultra-slim design, with a thickness of 2.87 inches and a weight of 13.23 lbs, ensures an ergonomic and portable form factor.
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Unlock the Musical World with Korg Liano Digital Piano

Light Touch Action for Seamless Playability

Discover the perfect blend of synth and piano with Korg's proprietary Light Touch (LS) action. The Liano's 88 keys are designed to be quick and responsive, providing a delightful playing experience.

Unleash a Symphony of Sounds

Navigate effortlessly through eight onboard sounds, including two acoustic pianos, two electric pianos, harpsichord, pipe organ, electric organ, and strings. The straightforward interface ensures convenient access to a diverse range of musical expressions.

Resonate with Italian Grand Excellence

Experience the brilliance of the Nautilus-derived Italian Grand piano with the Liano's slim profile. The 120-voice polyphony and two 8-watt built-in speakers deliver unflinching resonance, immersing you in a world of rich and captivating sound.

Play Anywhere with Optional Battery Mode

Take your music on the go with the optional battery mode, providing up to eight hours of playtime with just six AA batteries. The headphone jack and line out cater to mobility-minded needs, ensuring you can play anywhere, anytime.

Seamless Connectivity for a Versatile Performance

Connect with ease using the USB-B port, handling audio and MIDI for seamless integration with other keyboards, computers, or your preferred DAW. The Liano is designed to meet the needs of educators, performers, students, and anyone in search of uncompromising sound and portability.

Essential Accessories for a Complete Experience

Included music stand and PS-3 pedal switch enhance your playing experience, making the Liano the perfect choice for those who seek portability without compromising on quality. Weighing in at under 14 pounds and less than three inches thick, the Liano is a must-have for keyboardists on the move.