Korg LP 380 Digital Piano - Rosewood

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Introducing the Korg LP-380 Digital Piano—a sleek and stylish addition for home, school, or church settings. Immerse yourself in rich and dynamic acoustic piano sounds, meticulously derived from the acclaimed Kronos workstation.

Experience performances with nuance and expression on the amazingly responsive RH3 keybed. The high-output amplifier system ensures room-filling sound, delivering an immersive musical experience.

Enhance your playing with three built-in pedals, featuring half-damper support for added versatility. Crafted with precision in Korg's Kyoto, Japan factory, the LP-380 is a testament to quality and craftsmanship. Elevate your musical space with the elegance and performance of the Korg LP-380 Digital Piano.

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An Elegant Addition to Any Musical Household

Korg LP-380 Digital Home Piano Overview

Korg's LP-380 digital piano is a sophisticated and classy addition to any musical household. Boasting sounds derived from the renowned Kronos workstation, this digital piano is not only stylish but also delivers a superior playing experience. Whether for home, school, or church, the LP-380 is sure to impress.

Enjoy Satisfying, Realistic Piano Feel

Responsive RH3 Keyboard

The LP-380 features Korg's responsive RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action) keyboard, providing a nuanced playing experience. With a heavier feel in the bass register and a lighter touch in the treble range, it closely replicates the playing feel of a fine acoustic piano. The attention to sonic detail, including damper resonance, adds to the realism and expressiveness of your performances.

Full Pedal Complement

Experience the full range of expression with the LP-380's complete pedal complement, including damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals. Additionally, the digital piano offers half-damper support for added versatility.

High-Quality Onboard Sounds and Effects

Diverse Sound Bank

The LP-380 houses a sound bank with 30 high-quality and expressive sounds, organized into three banks of 10. From acoustic pianos and electric grands to meticulously modeled vintage electric pianos and various other instruments, the diversity ensures a rich musical experience.

Customizable Sound Effects

Enhance and customize your sounds with three onboard effects: brilliance, reverb, and chorus. Tailor the piano's output to your taste and create a personalized sonic signature.

Smart Features Enhance Your Playing Experience

Layer Mode and Partner Mode

Activate Layer Mode to play two sounds simultaneously, such as piano and strings. Partner Mode divides the keyboard into identical left and right zones, enabling two individuals to play within the same note range simultaneously, making it ideal for teacher-student scenarios.

Dual Headphone Jacks

Play duets without disturbing others using the LP-380's two headphone jacks. This smart feature ensures a private and immersive playing experience for both players.

Choose Your Temperament

Select from nine different temperaments to achieve historically authentic performances, especially when playing with original instrument ensembles. The LP-380 offers a range of smart features that contribute to an enjoyable and customized playing experience.