Korg SV-2 88-key Stage Vintage Piano

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Elevate Your Performance with the Korg SV-2 88-key Stage Piano
Unparalleled Polyphony and Sample Data - Experience a remarkable 128-voice polyphony, offering more than 10 times the sample data of previous SV models.
Customized Sound Creation - Utilize the SV-2 Editor software to craft your split and layered programs, saving them as Favorites for quick access.
Premium Playability - Immerse yourself in the premium feel of the velocity-sensitive Korg RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3) keybed.
Diverse Sound Palette - Explore 72 onboard sounds, organized into 2 sets of 6 Basic sounds with 6 variations each.
Personalized Settings - Save and recall your favorite sounds with 64 slots (8 banks, 8 variations) for storing customized settings.
Comprehensive FX Section - Elevate your sound with a comprehensive FX section featuring 6 independent stages of studio-grade signal processing.
Tube-driven Warmth - Immerse yourself in the warm tones of the Korg Valve Reactor circuit, enhanced by a real 12AX7A vacuum tube.
Versatile Connectivity - Connect seamlessly with balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" stereo outputs, front-panel stereo 1/4" headphone jack, and unbalanced 1/4" jacks for audio input.
MIDI Capabilities - Enjoy MIDI DIN I/O and MIDI over USB 2.0 for enhanced connectivity.
Pedal and Jack Options - Customize your play with damper pedal and foot switch jacks, as well as a volume/expression pedal jack.
Reliable Power Supply - Benefit from the internal 100–240V power supply for versatile power options.
Complete Package - Everything you need is included in the package: power cable, music stand, DS-2H damper pedal, and Quick Guide. Elevate your performance with the Korg SV-2 88-key Stage Piano.

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Unleashing the Korg SV-2 Stage Vintage Piano

Next-Gen Evolution

Embark on the next generation of Stage Vintage excellence with the Korg SV-2. Packed with cutting-edge technology, this gig-ready stage piano offers 128-voice polyphony, twice the sounds, and over ten times the sample data of its predecessors.

Superior Playability

Indulge in addictive playability with Korg’s top-of-the-line RH3 weighted hammer action keybed, delivering a superb and immersive experience.

Take Control of Your Sound

Discover a world of sound control without the hassle of menus. The SV-2's sleek, retro-futuristic chassis is equipped with a purposeful, ergonomic control set, featuring per-function knobs and buttons for quick sound crafting during live performances.

Soulful Renditions

Experience sublimely soulful renditions of coveted keyboard classics. Korg's formidable audio sampling technology captures every nuance, from the slap of the tine to the release of the hammer, faithfully preserved in the RX Layer.

A Treasure Trove of Sounds

Dive into a treasure trove of classic electro-mechanical, transistorized, tape-driven, analog, and digital keyboard instruments. The SV-2 puts decades of must-have instruments at your fingertips, in mint condition and perfect tuning.

World-Class Pianos

Become a maestro with world-class grand piano sounds from renowned German, Italian, Austrian, and Japanese makers. The SV-2 includes authentic Japanese or German upright pianos, honky-tonk, tack piano, and exquisite harpsichords for a formidable sonic arsenal.

Expressive Performances

Feel the music come alive with the Korg SV-2’s flagship RH3 graded hammer action keybed. Offering graduated weighting and incredible sensitivity, it accurately delivers the full expression you put into each performance.

Versatile Tuning Options

Choose from eight tuning systems, including equal temperament, grand piano stretch, electric piano stretch, and more. The SV-2 adapts to your playing technique and style with eight different velocity curves.

Studio-Grade FX and Valve Reactor Circuit

Elevate your sound with six independent stages of studio-grade signal processing, enhanced by the Korg Valve Reactor circuit. This circuit delivers the warmth of a real 12AX7A vacuum tube, enriching your vintage keyboard patch with authority.

Diverse Effects Palette

Select from a diverse range of effects, including EQ, Pre FX, Amp models, Modulation FX, and Reverb/Delay. The SV-2 faithfully replicates the performance, limitations, and behavior of each selected effect.

Your Ideal Stage Piano

The Korg SV-2 is the epitome of an ideal stage piano. With stunning sounds, powerful effects, flagship hammer action, and a sleek retro-modern chassis, it ensures a captivating performance. Get your hands on the Korg SV-2 and experience a new era of stage piano excellence.