Korg TinyPiano Digital Toy Piano - Red

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Precision in Sound
Experience unparalleled accuracy in pitch and true tone with the Korg tinyPiano Miniature Digital Piano. Despite its size, this miniature marvel delivers a rich and authentic musical experience.
Velocity-Sensitive Mini Keys: The 25 velocity-sensitive Natural Touch mini keys respond to your touch, allowing for expressive and dynamic playing.
25 Built-in Sounds: Explore a variety of 25 built-in sounds that make learning and playing a delightful experience.
50 Onboard Demo Songs: Delight in 50 onboard demo songs that entertain you even when you're not actively playing, providing a continuous source of musical enjoyment.
The Korg tinyPiano is designed with portability in mind, making it effortlessly transportable and suitable for any musical adventure.

Six AA Batteries (Not Included): Power your tinyPiano with ease using six AA batteries, ensuring continuous musical exploration without the need for a power outlet.
Unleash your musical creativity on the go with the Korg tinyPiano Miniature Digital Piano — where small size meets big musical possibilities.

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Korg tinyPiano Miniature Digital Piano: A Musical Wonderland for Young Aspirations

A Truly Valuable Present

The Korg tinyPiano Miniature Digital Piano is not just a musical instrument; it's a cute, serious, and fashionable present that holds intrinsic value for young learners.

Adorable Form Factor

  • Miniature Upright Piano Design: Embrace the cuteness of the tinyPiano, resembling a miniature upright piano with a fallboard, creating an engaging and realistic playing experience.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Constructed with a wooden body, the tinyPiano exudes a solid feel, elevating it beyond the realm of a mere "toy piano."
  • Safety and Durability: Prioritizing safety and durability, Korg has minimized moving parts and limited the audio output to a child-friendly level.

Easy and Enjoyable Playing

  • 25-Note Mini Keyboard: The specially designed 25-note mini keyboard by Korg ensures easy and enjoyable playing for young aspiring musicians.

Musical Exploration Beyond the Grand Piano

  • 25 Onboard Sounds: Dive into a world of musical exploration with 25 onboard sounds, ranging from electric piano and clavinet to organ and bell tones.
  • Educational Learning: Allow your child to learn about different instruments by actually playing them on the tinyPiano.
  • Built-In Demo Songs: Enjoy 50 built-in demo songs when not actively playing, providing continuous musical inspiration.

Portable and Battery-Powered

  • AA Battery Powered: The tinyPiano is powered by six AA batteries, offering portability that lets you enjoy piano performances anywhere.

Unlock the wonders of music for your child with the Korg tinyPiano Miniature Digital Piano — where cuteness meets serious musical exploration, making it a truly valuable present for young learners.