Korg XE20 Digital Ensemble Piano

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Authentic Piano Feel
Elevate your playing experience with the Korg XE20, featuring an 88-note Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard that provides an authentic acoustic piano feel.
Over 705 Onboard Sounds: Immerse yourself in a vast sonic palette with over 705 onboard sounds, ensuring versatility in your musical expression.
41 Drum Kits: Explore diverse rhythms with 41 drum kits, including a GM-compatible sound set.
Touch Control: Choose from 3 levels of touch control, plus a fixed setting, to tailor the responsiveness of the keyboard to your playing style.
Pitch Adjustment: Transpose and fine-tune your pitch for seamless integration with other instruments.
Stereo PCM Sound Generation: Experience rich and dynamic sound reproduction with stereo PCM technology.
Maximum Polyphony: Achieve a maximum polyphony of 184 voices, with specific limitations for German and Italian pianos to ensure optimal performance.
2 Stereo Digital Multi-Effects: Enhance your sound with the versatility of 2 stereo digital multi-effects.
280 Style Presets; 64+ Music Styles: Dive into a world of musical possibilities with 280 Style presets and 64+ Music Styles, featuring Syncro start/stop and Tap tempo functionalities.
Audio Player: Support for MP3 and WAV (44.1kHz, 16bit) formats for seamless playback.
Sequencer: Real-time recording in Style mode with a 12-track sequencer (4 keyboard parts plus 8 auto accompaniment parts), supporting a maximum of 999 songs.
Set Lists: Create and manage your repertoire with 10 banks x 4 set lists.
Key Transpose and Tuning: Adjust your key and tuning preferences with a range from C (-12) to C (+12) and 427.5–452.9Hz, respectively.
Audio In, Output, and Headphones Jacks: Utilize the variety of jacks for audio input, output, and headphones, ensuring seamless connectivity.
USB Connectivity: Connect to host devices and external devices via USB-to-host and USB-to-device ports.
Damper Pedal Jack: Enhance your playing with the damper pedal jack.
Included Furniture-Style Stand and Triple-Pedal Unit: Enjoy the complete ensemble experience with the included furniture-style stand and triple-pedal unit.
Power Supply: Comes with an included AC adapter for reliable power.
Additional Accessories: Includes a sheet music stand for added convenience.
Discover a symphony of features with the Korg XE20 Digital Ensemble Piano — where authenticity meets versatility, and every key unlocks a world of musical possibilities.

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Korg XE20 Digital Piano: A Symphony of Expression

Unleash Your Musical Potential

The Korg XE20 digital piano transcends traditional boundaries, offering an 88-note natural-touch hammer action keyboard and an expansive array of over 700 expressive sounds. From sampled concert grand pianos to dynamic accompaniment styles, the XE20 is your gateway to limitless musical expression.

Deep Sampling Technology for Stunning Sounds

  • Meticulously Sampled Sounds: Experience stunning sounds meticulously sampled from the finest acoustic and digital instruments, showcasing Korg's deep sampling technology.
  • Stereo Digital Multi-Effects: Polish your productions with two stereo digital multi-effects engines, ensuring your compositions reach perfection.

Versatile Connectivity and Onboard Recording

  • Generous Connectivity: The XE20 features generous connectivity options, accommodating various devices and accessories to enhance your musical experience.
  • Onboard Recording: Utilize the 12-track song sequencer to record and playback your compositions seamlessly.

A World of Pianos at Your Fingertips

  • German and Italian Pianos: Immerse yourself in the vast palette of over 700 premium sounds, including electric pianos, organs, synth pads, brass, strings, and drum kits.
  • Expressive Grand Pianos: The German Piano offers bold tonality, brilliant upper register, and nuanced bass range, while the Italian Piano captivates with mellifluous resonance and sensitivity.

Intelligent Auto Accompaniment

  • AI-Driven Smart Accompaniment: Elevate your performances with over 280 automatic accompaniment styles, generating a full backing band based on your left-hand chords.
  • Variety in Performance: Switch between four variations, intro, and ending at the press of a button, adding variety and dynamics to your musical journey.

Concert-Worthy Playback

  • Designed Speakers: The XE20's speakers are meticulously designed to deliver the full power and clarity of your musical creations.
  • Enhanced Balance: Experience improved overall balance in your arrangements, allowing bass frequencies to punch through with impact while maintaining clarity in the piano tones.

Authentic Touch of an Acoustic Piano

  • Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) Keyboard: Feel the realistic touch of the hammers on an acoustic piano, with a keyboard that is heavier in the low register and lighter in the high register.
  • Customizable Touch Control: Fine-tune the action with three touch control settings, adapting to your unique playing style.

Creative Bundle for Artistic Exploration

  • Free Software Bundle: Enhance your creativity with bundled software, including Skoove's piano teaching software, Korg's Module app for additional sounds, and the Korg Gadget 2 Le DAW music production app.

A Concert Performance Anywhere

The Korg XE20 is not just a digital piano; it's an experience. From coffee house gigs to global stages, the XE20 encompasses the right elements to elevate your musical journey — anytime, anywhere. Discover the full concert performance experience with the XE20, where creativity knows no bounds.

*2: The half pedaling only support German piano and Italian piano sounds.