Lecture Hall Sound System with 6 Audac ATEO6, COM24-MK2 mixing amplifier and Sennheiser Vocal Condenser Wireless Lavalier Microphone


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The most important thing a lecture hall can have is a good quality sound system. If you want to command your audiences attention look no further than this supreme Lecture Hall Sound System featuring Audac products. Loudspeakers, mixer, and microphone. Everything you need.
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Lecture Hall Sound System Description

Lecture halls need a powerful and high quality sound system that is going to reach all the way to the back of the room and ensure accurate vocal reproduction without distortion. Whether you are delivering an hour long lecture, presenting videos or slides, or playing instructional audio as a teaching aide, it is vital that your sound is evenly dispersed and won’t let you down.

Every lecturer or teacher will know that there is nothing worse than technical difficulties mid presentation. That is we have put together the perfect Lecture Hall Sound System featuring the highest quality Audac products. Our sound engineers understand the specific demands of a lecture space, so have taken the hardwork out of finding high performing, compatible products that will allow you to deliver session after session with ease.

System Features

  • The Audac ATE04 speakers are 6 wall mountable speakers that each house a 1” dome tweeter and 4” mid/low frequency driver for perfectly balanced sound. You can install them at regular intervals around the room to ensure there are no deadspots with the simple to use Clevermount bracket system. These loudspeakers feature extremely high fidelity reproduction thanks to the built in processing and DSP technology. One of the things that make this setup so popular for Universities and educational institutions is the attractive and elegant design.
  • The Audac COM24 MK2 is an intelligent solution to all of your mixing and amplifying needs in one handy package. If you need a bit of extra oomph you will get it thanks to the Class-D amplifying technology with low impedence drivers for clear output. It also doubles as a mixer that allows you to control and tweak your levels in a super easy to use interface. Even the most technologically challenged lecturers wiil find this a breeze.
  • The package is complete by the Sennheiser Xsw wireless lavalier microphone. Clip on to a shirt or tie and roam the room without interference thanks to the excellent auto-frequency management.

System Includes

  • 6 x Audac ATEO6 Wall mount loudspeaker
  • 1 x Audac COM24 MK2 mixing amplifier
  • 1 x Sennheiser Xsw 1-me2 Vocal Condenser Wireless Lavalier Microphone