Lewitt MTP W950 Handheld Condenser Microphone

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Experience professional-grade performance and versatility with the Lewitt MTP W950 handheld condenser microphone. Designed for both live and studio applications, this microphone offers unparalleled sound quality and flexibility to meet the demands of any performance environment.

Key Features:

  • For Live or Studio Use: Versatile enough to excel in both live performances and studio recording sessions, ensuring exceptional sound quality wherever you go.
  • Detachable 1" Condenser Capsule: Easily switch between different capsules for added versatility and customization options.
  • Compatible with Most Wireless Systems: Seamlessly integrates with a wide range of industry-leading wireless systems, offering hassle-free compatibility.
  • Selectable Cardioid or Supercardioid: Choose between cardioid or supercardioid pickup patterns to suit your specific recording or performance needs.
  • Switchable 12 dB Pad, 120 Hz Low-Cut: Customize your sound with switchable pad and low-cut filter options, providing greater control over your audio.
  • Dual-Layer Capsule Protection: Ensures reliable performance and longevity, even in demanding live environments.
  • Excellent Feedback Resistance: Enjoy clear and articulate sound reproduction with minimal feedback, even at high volumes.
  • Includes Mic Clip and Soft Zipper Case: Comes complete with a mic clip for secure mounting and a soft zipper case for convenient storage and transport.

When precision and versatility are paramount, trust the Lewitt MTP W950 to deliver outstanding sound quality and performance, whether on stage or in the studio.

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Vendor: Lewitt

Lewitt MTP W950: The Ultimate Stage Microphone

Versatile Premium Performance

When you demand exceptional sound quality and professional-level performance that can adapt to any stage or studio setting, turn to the Lewitt MTP W950. This handheld condenser microphone features a detachable 1" capsule, compatible with most industry-leading wireless systems, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Crystal-Clear Sound Reproduction

The MTP W950 is engineered to deliver detailed sound reproduction with low noise and a wide frequency response, capturing every nuance of your voice with stunning clarity. Its highly sensitive capsule ensures that no detail is lost, making it ideal for both live performances and studio recordings.

Selectable Polar Patterns

With two selectable polar patterns - cardioid and supercardioid - the MTP W950 offers versatile sound capture options. Rejecting 90% of sounds to the rear, this microphone ensures feedback-free audio in any environment, allowing you to focus on your performance without distractions.

High SPL Handling

Equipped with an onboard 12 dB attenuation pad, the MTP W950 can achieve a blistering max SPL of 152 dB, allowing you to deliver powerful vocals without fear of distortion or capsule damage. Its dual-layer protection provides added longevity, shielding the capsule from wind, moisture, and plosives without the need for an external filter.

Wireless Compatibility

The fully detachable microphone capsule allows you to use the MTP W950 with a wide range of third-party wireless transmitters, eliminating the need for messy cables. Compatible with various transmitters, including Shure, Lectrosonics, Sony, Line6, and Mipro, this microphone offers unmatched convenience and versatility.

Professional Endorsement

Before its release, the MTP W950 was beta-tested by professional live sound engineers worldwide, receiving praise from star acts like the Rolling Stones, T-Pain, and Kehlani. Its outstanding sound quality and reliability make it the ultimate handheld microphone for performers and engineers alike.

Convenient Accessories

The MTP W950 comes complete with essential accessories for immediate use. A mic clip is included for stand mounting, while a soft carry case provides convenient transport and protection for your microphone and accessories.

Experience the unmatched performance and versatility of the Lewitt MTP W950 and elevate your stage and studio performances to new heights.