Live Band Portable Sound System Package with 2 WharfedalePro Typhon-AX12-BT Speakers and QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer


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Rock and roll all night and party everyday with the Live Band Portable Sound System Package featuring 2 WharfedalePro Typhon-AX12-BT Speakers and the QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer. It's perfect for all your live performance needs in one convenient package.
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Are you a live band with a taste for the finer things? No more crackly old PAs or busted speakers for you. It’s time for an upgrade with this sleek and powerful package featuring the rich and luscious sound that Wharfedale Pro is famous for.
Combining modern cutting-edge technology with tried and tested formulas, this Live Band Portable Sound System Package features 2 Wharfedale Pro Typhon-AX12-BT Speakers and the QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer. All your live performance needs in one convenient package. Now all you need to do is book the shows and get practicing.
A pair of lightweight and powerful PA speakers, the WharfedalePro Typhon-AX12-BT Speakers promise to give you high octane, low distortion power with premium features. Keep that dance floor going until your very last note. Your vocals will be crystal clear, while your bass is thumping and your solos are soaring. Also featuring the aptX Bluetooth input connectivity and stereo linking which makes setup with mobile devices simple and cable free. Simply pair your Bluetooth audio source (such as a smart phone or laptop) with a Typhon-AX12-BT and thats it! High quality aptX streaming makes connection easy.
The custom Wharfedale Pro 12” LF transducer has a newly designed ferrite core, uses flat coil windings to aid cooling, and features a moisture rejecting cone material which allows Typhon to be used in damp or humid conditions. Not to mention, they are lightweight, so you won’t even need a roadie.
The QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer is one of the most exciting offerings currently on the market. It brings ultimate control to your devices and can be configured and controlled via the touch screen panel with ease. It lightens the load on your computer and allows for instant wireless setup and has loads of smart features to make mixing easier than ever before. There is extensive channel processing to really hone your sound, and enough built-in FX and processing to keep you experimenting for days.

WharfedalePro Typhon-AX12-BT Speakers:

- 720w Continuous and 1440w Peak Power
- Ultra wide sound dispersion
- 2 Two Class D amplifiers with 4-Position internal DSP
- aptX Bluetooth connectivity with Stereo Link mode
- Easy to transport and setup with Multiple handles and rigging points

QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer:

- Capacitive touchscreen offers a wealth of on-screen information while also providing confident hands-on control
- 120 presets provide real-world live sound settings for commonly-used instruments and microphones
- Simple and Advanced modes offer either basic or comprehensive controls
- Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards simplify complex equalization tasks
- Real-time analyzer (RTA) provides instantaneous display of channel tonal balance and room response
- 4 Aux outputs provide ample monitor configuration options
- 14-channel direct-to-hard drive record/playback — capture and recall performances without the need for an external computer
- MP3 playback direct from USB
- On-board multi-language user guide
- Download future upgrades directly from the Internet