Mackie EleMent Wave LAV Compact Digital Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

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Elevate your video content creation and live streaming experience with the Mackie EleMent Wave LAV, a compact and versatile digital wireless lavalier microphone system designed for seamless integration into your workflow.

Key Features:

  • Clip-On Transmitter: Features a clip-on transmitter with a built-in microphone, offering convenience and mobility for on-the-go content creation.
  • High-Quality Audio Capture: Equipped with a cardioid lavalier microphone, ensuring clear and crisp audio capture for professional-quality content.
  • Compact Receiver: The compact receiver ensures easy integration into your setup, providing flexibility and convenience without compromising on performance.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Enjoy easy operation with 1-button functionality, allowing for quick adjustments and settings changes on the fly.
  • Mute and Gain Adjustment: Features mute and gain adjustment capabilities, enabling you to fine-tune your audio levels for optimal performance.
  • Headphone Monitoring: Includes a headphone jack for real-time monitoring, allowing you to monitor your audio output with precision and confidence.
  • Enhanced Security: Utilizes 128-bit encryption for secure transmission, ensuring the privacy and integrity of your audio signal.
  • Long Battery Life and Extended Range: Offers up to 7 hours of operation on rechargeable batteries, with a range of up to 230', providing freedom of movement without sacrificing performance.

Designed with the needs of video content creators, live streamers, vloggers, YouTubers, and TikTokers in mind, the Mackie EleMent Wave LAV combines renowned Mackie sound quality with wireless reliability and user-friendly operation, making it the perfect choice for capturing high-quality audio in any environment.

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Introducing the Mackie EleMent Wave LAV: Your Ultimate Wireless Lavalier Solution

Experience the pinnacle of wireless audio convenience with the Mackie EleMent Wave LAV. Tailored for video content creators, live streamers, vloggers, YouTubers, and TikTokers, this cutting-edge system seamlessly combines Mackie's renowned sound quality with wireless reliability and effortless operation, empowering anyone to capture exceptional audio with ease.

Superior Wireless Performance

  • Ultracompact Design: With its ultracompact and lightweight design, the EleMent Wave LAV offers unparalleled portability and convenience, making it perfect for on-the-go content creation.

  • Easy 1-Button Operation: Simply plug in and power up the EleMent Wave LAV, and you're ready to record. Its fast, 1-button operation ensures quick setup and hassle-free use.

  • Secure Transmission: Enjoy peace of mind with 128-bit encryption, ensuring secure transmission of your audio signal without compromise.

Complete Audio Solution

  • Clip-On Transmitter: The system features a compact clip-on transmitter with a built-in microphone, providing flexibility for grab-and-go scenarios. Additionally, it comes with a separate cardioid lavalier microphone for discreet setups.

  • Compact Receiver: Equally compact, the receiver mounts seamlessly on your camera or clips onto your smartphone, offering versatile connectivity and real-time monitoring via the headphone jack.

Professional-Quality Features

  • Superior Sound Quality: The EleMent Wave LAV delivers clear and crisp sound reproduction, thanks to its directional cardioid polar pattern and dedicated gain controls for precise mic-level adjustments.

  • Long Battery Life: Built-in rechargeable batteries provide up to 7 hours of continuous operation, ensuring uninterrupted recording sessions.

  • Multi-System Compatibility: Up to 6 EleMent Wave systems can be used simultaneously at the same location, providing flexibility for multi-performer setups.

Advanced Wireless Technology

  • 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless: Operating in the interference-free 2.4 GHz frequency band, the EleMent Wave LAV automatically adjusts transmission frequency to mitigate noise and dropouts, ensuring reliable performance up to 230' line-of-sight distance.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of wireless audio with the Mackie EleMent Wave LAV, the ultimate solution for professional-quality audio capture in any environment.