Music room Sound System with 4 DAS OVI-12 Pendant Ceiling Speakers with PA1500 amplifier


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Does your music room need a make over? If you really want your students to strive towards their musical dreams you need a quality sound system. That is why we have put together this affordable and quality Music Room Sound System featuring DAS products.
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Music room Sound System Description

Are you looking for a new music room audio system to reinvigorate your classes and ignite that creative spark? We understand that as educators you are trying to bring out the best in your students, and excellent audio equipment can help them shine. We also know that teachers are not necessarily sound engineers, or audio experts. That is why we have taken the hard work out of researching and finding the best setup for your budget.

We have tailored this Music Room Sound System by sorting through the plethora of products available, and have combined just what you need for a music room. Here you will 4 superb DAS Ovi12 speakers that can be ceiling mounted, as well as a DAS PA-1500 amplifier. That means you will have enough sonic power to fill any sized space with rich, clear and evenly dispersed sound.

System Features

  • The four included DAS Ovi12 speakers feature 12” coaxial design within a light weight and versatile polypropylene shell. These loudspeakers are renowned for both excellent speech intelligibility and rich music production. You can put one in each corner of the room for 100% coverage, and they are super easy to mount thanks to the pendant shape specifically for ceilings.
  • The DAS PA-1500 amplifier packs a whole lot of sonic power with 1500 watts of Class-D amplification. It is housed inside a rugged enclosure, which is well suited to stage life and will certainly stand the test of time. Whether you need to cart it to the school hall, or put it on the bus for an offsite show, it is ready to travel thanks to the ergonomic handles. The low noise fans also ensure cool and quiet running, so it will never interfere with your bands performance or throw them off the beat.

System Includes

  • 4 x DAS OVI 12 Pendant Ceiling Speakers
  • 1 x DAS PA 1500 Powered Amplifier