NEC NP-MC332WG WXGA Projector 3300 Lumens

$887.40 $777.85

$777.85 (excl. GST) $847.86 (incl. GST)

Outstanding high-quality LCD projector with good usability and high efficiency

-Zoom ratio: 1.2
-Throw ratio: 1.5-1.8
-Contrast: 16,000 : 1 with Iris
-Pixels:786,432 (1,024 dots × 768 lines)
-Size: 0.63 inch LCD with MLA × 3 (aspect ratio: 4:3)

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NEC NP-MC332WG WXGA Projector 3300 Lumens Product Description

Long-lasting Lamp, which Delivers up to 10,000 Hours

The product can be operated at low cost because the light source can be used for a long time of 10,000 hours* without requiring replacement (up to 15,000 hours* with ECO MODE [ECO]). This provides high reliability for education (aimed mainly at K-12) and corporate usage.

Low Power Consumption in Standby Condition with Energy Saving Technology

Selecting [NORMAL] for [STANDBY MODE] from the menu can put the projector in power-saving mode that consumes only 0.18 W (100 – 130 V AC) / 0.26 W (200 – 240 V AC).

[ECO MODE] for Low Power Consumption and Quiet Noise Level

This projector is equipped with a [ECO MODE] to reduce power consumption during use. Furthermore, when the [ECO MODE] is on, the power-saving effect is converted into the amount of reduction of CO2 emissions, and this amount is listed in the confirmation message displayed when the power is turned off and under [ INFO.] on the on-screen menu ([Carbon Meter]). This projector designed for a quiet noise level of 29 dB (in Eco MODE [ECO]) to prevent annoying operation noises.

Easily Connect with Smart Devices by Installing the MultiPresenter Receiver Function

This projector is compatible with the NEC MultiPresenter application, so multi-screen projection is possible
via the network (wired LAN / wireless LAN). The design of the menu of the “Intelligent connection” operation
screen is improved, and the customer can change the wall-paper of stand-by screen. The customer can set
various settings of network function on this menu.

Network Control

• NaViSet Administrator 2 NaViSet Administrator2 helps you control the projector by a computer via wired LAN connection.
• CRESTRON ROOMVIEW with emergency function
• PC control
• Alert mail
• PJLink
• HTTP server (projector adjustment)

Quick Start, Quick Power Off and Direct Power Off

The projector can be put away immediately after the projector is powered down. No cool down period is required after the projector is turned off from the remote control or cabinet control panel. The projector has a feature called “Direct Power Off”. This feature allows the projector to be turned off (even when projecting an image) by disconnecting the AC power supply. To turn off the AC power supply when the projector is powered on, use a power strip equipped with a switch and a breaker.

Seamless Switch Function for Smoother Screen Changes when Switching the Signal

When the input source is switched, the image displayed before switching is held so that that the new image can be switched to without a break due to absence of a signal.

16 W Built-in Speaker

The powerful 16 watt speaker provides the volume need for class rooms and meeting rooms.


The DIRECT POWER ON, AUTO POWER ON (COMP.), AUTO POWER OFF, and OFF TIMER features eliminate the need to always use the POWER button on the remote control or projector cabinet.