PreSonus Studio 68c USB-C Audio Interface

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Studio 68c: The versatile, ultra-high-def USB-C™ compatible audio interface. A Recording Studio on your Desktop—or Anywhere Else. Features includes:
- Perfect choice for small bands, producers, and small and mid-sized studios
- 6-in, 6-out, USB-C compatible audio interface
- Backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 connections
- 2 mic/line/instrument and 2 mic/line inputs, all with PreSonus® XMAX mic preamps
- DC-coupled line outputs and MIDI I/O
- Records at up to 192 kHz (High Definition Audio)

1 year warranty

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Vendor: PreSonus

PreSonus Studio 68c: Professional Audio Interface for Small and Mid-sized Studios


Ideal for small bands, producers, and small to mid-sized studios, the Studio 68c is a 6-in, 6-out, USB-C™ compatible audio interface offering professional-quality recording at up to 192 kHz. With versatile inputs, award-winning Studio One® Artist software, and ultra-high-definition recording capabilities, the Studio 68c is an all-in-one solution for musicians and producers.

PreSonus Studio One Artist Software (Included)

Seamless Integration

The Studio 68c interface is seamlessly integrated with the included PreSonus Studio One Artist music production software. Compatible with virtually all macOS and Windows recording software, Studio One Artist provides an intuitive platform for composing, recording, and producing without distractions.

Content Access

Studio One allows users to shop, audition, and purchase new loops or samples directly from the production environment, enhancing creativity and workflow efficiency.

Studio 68c Inputs and Outputs

Versatile Connectivity

The Studio 68c features USB-C™ compatible computer connectivity with 2 combo mic/instrument/line inputs and 2 combo mic/line inputs, all equipped with PreSonus® XMAX mic preamps. The +48V phantom power supports condenser mics, and the S/PDIF digital I/O expands connectivity options.

Cue Mix A/B Function

Navigate between two mixes effortlessly with the Cue Mix A/B function, perfect for DJs and monitoring a performer’s mix through headphones.

MIDI Interface

The built-in MIDI interface allows seamless connection to keyboards, sound modules, or control surfaces, enhancing creative possibilities.

Ultra-high-definition Recording Quality

High-Quality Converters and Preamps

Operating at up to 192 kHz, the Studio 68c ensures ultra-high-definition recording and mixing. High-quality converters on every input and output, along with PreSonus’ professional-grade XMAX mic preamps, deliver exceptional headroom, deep lows, smooth highs, and an overall rich sound.

In conclusion, the PreSonus Studio 68c provides a comprehensive audio interface solution for those seeking professional-quality recordings in a compact and versatile package. Ideal for small and mid-sized studios, it offers the perfect balance of features, connectivity, and software integration.