Pro-Custom Microphone Pop Filter PC01

$30,498.00 $24.48

$24.48 (excl. GST) $26.68 (incl. GST)

  • Easy-to-mount  6" microphone pop filter

  • Dual-layer durable nylon mesh that reduces vocal popping sounds

  • Flexible gooseneck design for optimal positioning

  • Screw in c-clamp that fits most standard microphone stands and mounts

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The Pro-Custom Microphone Pop Filter PC01 is an essential studio recording microphone accessory to shield the microphone diaphragm from sudden bursts of sound which can cause a popping effect.
The pop filter comes with a 6" diameter shield, highly durable dual-layer nylon mesh screen that reduces pop sounds and a fully adjustable gooseneck and mic stand clamp that ensures flexibility for music recording applications.
Whether you starting your music recording journey or a season podcast  host, protect your recording microphone with the Pro-Custom Microphone Pop Filter PC01 today!