QSC Band Room Sound System with 2 QSC K12.2 Speakers, KW181 Subwoofer and TouchMix 16 Digital Mixer


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Is your school ready to rock? Then you are going to need the perfect sound system so that your band room can shine. That is why we have put together this high quality QSC Band Room Sound System. Featuring active speakers, subwoofer and mixer.
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QSC Band Room Sound System Description

A band is only as good as its sound equipment, and that goes doubly for school bands where hearing the output and creating the perfect mix is crucial to the learning process. Here we have configured an exceptional QSC Band Room Sound System to ensure your school has all the gear it needs to shine in the music department.
We understand that school’s have limited budget that is why we have packaged together this great selection of products from QSC. You will find speakers and a subwoofer which will give you high quality sound output to fill the whole room, a long with a digital mixer that can be controlled from a tablet or handheld device.
This isn’t just a great setup for musicians, but also for those students wanting to learn about the technical side of the industry. With gear used by the professionals, you might inspire future sound engineers too.

System Features

- QSC’s K12.2 12” speakers bring a huge 2000 watts of power each with advanced onboard DSP and an output of 132 dB. Flawless and clear sound time after time.
- The QSC KW181 18” Active Subwoofer will bring the extra bass to your band room. With 1000 watts of Class-D power and extensive DSP featuring DEEP Intrinsic Correction you will have fully enhanced performance and flawless sound quality for every rehearsal and perofrmance. The rugged enclosure and steel grllles are made to tour grade quality, so even when moving from room to room, this powerhouse will be sure to last for many years to come.
- The QSC TouchMix 16 is the ultimate in digital interfaces. It has 20 full function inputs so you can tweak and hone the entire band sound in one handy place. With parametric EQ, and variable high and low pass filters on every channel, you won’t be distracted by pesky interference and noise. There are loads of built in presets, effects and filters to experiment with; or take full control and completely customise your preferenes. Control from any mobile device thanks to the included Wi-Fi interface.

System Includes

2 x QSC K12.2, 12" Active 2-way speakers
1 x KW181, 18" Active Subwoofer
1 x TouchMix 16 Digital Mixer