QSC KS118 18" 3600W Active Subwoofer

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Experience the QSC KS118, an active subwoofer designed to deliver high-output performance for a range of applications, including live stage, theater, and DJ setups.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Sound: Equipped with an 18" long-excursion woofer powered by a 3600W Class-D amplifier, the KS118 ensures high sound pressure levels and dynamic sound reproduction.
  • Enhanced Bass Extension: Utilize the Deep Mode for low-frequency extension, providing rich and powerful bass response.
  • Flexible Control: Adjust the crossover and delay settings to customize your sound, while Scene Save and Recall functionality allows for convenient preset management.
  • Easy Mobility: Featuring four low-noise, heavy-duty casters, the KS118 is highly portable for effortless transportation between venues.
  • Versatile Deployment: Choose between vertical or horizontal deployment options, with an integrated M20 threaded pole receiver for secure mounting.

Suited for Various Environments

Ideal for mobile entertainment, AV rental, event production, clubs, and performance venues, the QSC KS118 delivers exceptional performance and reliability in any setting.

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Vendor: QSC
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QSC KS118: Power and Versatility in a Portable Package

Experience unparalleled low-frequency performance with the QSC KS118 active subwoofer, perfect for a range of applications including mobile entertainment, AV rental, event production, clubs, and performance venues.

High-Performance Design

  • High-Output Performance: The 18" direct radiating driver is powered by a 3600W Class-D amplifier, delivering dynamic and musical sound reproduction of very-low frequencies.

  • DSP Functionality: Take control with onboard DSP, allowing users to save and recall variable delay and crossover settings while ensuring system protection.

Advanced Deployment Options

  • Cardioid Arrangement: Deploy two KS118s in a cardioid arrangement to maximize low-frequency output from the front while minimizing energy around the sides and rear of the setup.

  • Portable Design: Enjoy easy mobility with four low-noise casters mounted on the rear of the subwoofer.

Versatile Integration

  • Flexible Mounting: The birch enclosure features comfortable aluminum handles and a top-mounted M20 threaded pole receptacle, allowing for easy vertical deployment with K.2 Series and other full-range loudspeakers.

  • Selectable Modes: Choose between omnidirectional or cardioid radiation modes (cardioid setup requires a minimum of two units) and select DEEP mode for extremely low-frequency extension.

Professional Appearance and Durability

  • Rugged Enclosure: Built to last with a painted wood enclosure, providing lasting durability in any environment.

  • Refined Aesthetic: Enjoy a professional and elegant appearance, ensuring the KS118 complements any application seamlessly.

Optional Accessories

  • Enhanced Protection: Optional accessories include transport covers, temporary weather covers, KS-LOC security covers, and 35mm loudspeaker pole accessories, offering added convenience and protection.

With its powerful performance, versatile deployment options, and durable design, the QSC KS118 is the ultimate choice for demanding audio environments.