QSC Restaurant & Bar Sound System with 2 QSC E112, E118SW Subwoofer and TouchMix-8 Digital Mixer


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Take your sonic ambience and output to the next level with this specially configured QSC Restaurant & Bar Sound System. This all in one package has been built to meet all your venue needs: from background music, to speeches, to live performances.
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When it comes to restaurant and bar venues, the sonic needs of your business are varied. You might be catering for a couples night with romantic background music one night, while packing the house with a live band the next. Sometimes, you might host parties where you need to switch quickly between dance floor bangers and speeches. That’s why you need a sound system that can keep up with you. We have compiled the QSC Restaurant & Bar Sound System with 2 QSC E112, E118SW Subwoofer and TouchMix-8 Digital Mixer to do just that.

In this package, you will find 2 QSC E112 speakers that will form the foundation of your output. They will ensure your sound is clear and crisp across the venue, assisted by the bass power of the QSC E118sw woofer. Controlled by the QSC TouchMix-8 digital mixer, you have the power to control the volume and settings wirelessly from anywhere in the venue. Keep the mood relaxed during the dining hours, and then unleash the full potential of the 18-inch sub when you want to get the dance floor moving. For those occasions where you need more power, we have included the QSC RMX2450a power amplifier which is perfect for live performances. This system will keep your customers happy, and give you ultimate and unbridled control.

QSC E112 12-inch Passive Speakers:

  • Trapezoidal 12” 2 way speakers.
  • Excellent coverage from 85 degree Directive Matched Transitioning (DMT) waveguide.
  • Rugged and stylish construction with steel grille.

QSC E118sw 18-inch Passive Subwoofer:

  • High output 800 watt subwoofer.
  • 18-inch bass power.
  • Robust exterior with tough steel grill.
  • Works seamlessly with the QSC family.

QSC TouchMix-8 Digital Mixer

  • Robust mixer with 12 inputs.
  • Professional quality sound and control capabilities.
  • Full parametric 4 band EQ.
  • Built-in pitch correction and processing technology.
  • Easy to use for every venue owner.
  • Handy Wizard assistant.
  • Control on the go from your iPad anywhere in the space.

QSC RMX2450a Power Amplifier:

  • Mono power, stereo or bridged.
  • XLR and ¼” balanced inputs.
  • Fast and easy to use gain controls on the front mount.
  • Switchable 30Hz/50Hz low-cut filter for simple fine-tuning.
  • Overload protection for protecting your amp and speakers.

System Includes:

  • (2) QSC E112 12-inch Passive Speaker
  • (2) QSC E118sw 18-inch Passive Subwoofer
  • (1) QSC TouchMix-8 Digital Mixer
  • (1) QSC RMX2450a Power Amplifier
  • Premium Grade Audio Cables