QSC TouchMix-16 Touchscreen Digital Mixer

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A good quality mixer doesn’t need to be massive. Get everything you need for a quality digital mix in the QSC TouchMix-8 Touchscreen Digital Mixer. Capacitive touchscreen offers extensive on-screen information and intuitive hands-on control

  • 120 presets for commonly-used instruments and microphones (see detailed listings under Resources/Support)
  • Simple and Advanced modes for either basic or comprehensive control options
  • Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards simplify complex equalization tasks
  • Real-Time Analyzer (RTA) provides immediate display of channel tonal balance and room response
  • 10 auxiliary mixes for superior monitor configuration
  • 22-channel direct-to-hard drive recording/playback
  • MP3 playback from USB
  • On-board multi-language user guide
  • Downloadable future upgrades from the Internet
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Vendor: QSC

Product Description

The QSC TouchMix-16 Touchscreen Digital Mixer is a great way to take control of your sound without the headaches of a complicated mixer. Pro-quality sound doesn’t need to mean hours and hours of reading instruction manuals. This system is simple to use straight out of the box for novices, with enough power and features for professionals to take full control.
The TouchMix-16 features an intelligent touchscreen interface with instant access to a great range of effects and processing functions. Begin in Simple Mode and give your sound a makeover with over 100 preset options. Or, switch to Advanced Mode and make all the tweaks and adjustments that you like for absolute control.


The TouchMix-16 features onboard wireless so you can easily connect to your mobile device for control anywhere in the venue. Make real time adjustments from the back of the room, and get a full roaming experience. This is sound mixing the way it should be. You have the choice to connect to your DAW or record directly to an external hard drive without a computer.
All of the outputs have graphic EQ, limiters, notch filters and delays for a crisp and clear sound. There are also six AUX sends for comprehensive monitoring. A very robust, slimline offering with industry-leading technology.
- A high-class and intuitive digital touchscreen mixer
- Simple Mode for easy sonic boost and sound upgrade
- Advanced Mode gives ultimate control
- Roaming adjustments with built-in wireless on your tablet or mobile device
- Connect to your DAW or record direct to external hard drive
- 6-band EQ on each output with limiter, delay and notch filters
- 100 presets to choose from
- Large and easy to use touchscreen

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- LF Driver Size: 1 x 18"
- Impedance: 38k ohms (Balanced), 19k ohms (Unbalanced)
- Total Power: 1000W
- Inputs: Dual Balanced XLR/TRS Combo (Line Level)
- Outputs: Dual Balanced XLR Full Range (Line)
- Other I/O: 1 x Remote Gain Control
- Frequency Range: 40Hz-112Hz (±6dB)