QSC TouchMix-8 14-channel Touchscreen Digital Mixer

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QSC TouchMix-8 is a14-channel Digital Mixer featuring 4 Microphone Inputs, 4 Microphone/Line Combo Inputs, 2 Stereo Line Inputs, Integrated Effects, and Wi-Fi Remote Control.


Key features include: 

  • A capacitive touchscreen provides a wealth of on-screen information and confident hands-on control.

  • 120 presets offer real-world live sound settings for commonly-used instruments and microphones (refer to the Presets Listing under Resources / Support).

  • Simple and Advanced modes cater to both basic and comprehensive control needs.

  • Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards simplify complex equalization tasks.

  • A real-time analyzer (RTA) offers instantaneous displays of channel tonal balance and room response.

  • Four Aux outputs provide ample monitor configuration options.

  • 14-channel direct-to-hard drive recording and playback capabilities allow you to capture and recall performances without the need for an external computer.

  • MP3 playback directly from USB.

  • An on-board multi-language user guide is available.

  • Future upgrades can be downloaded directly from the Internet.

  • *Requires Firmware Version 3.0 or greater

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Vendor: QSC

TouchMix® is arguably the most powerful and compact mixer ever created. It offers the features, capabilities, and sound quality of the world's most prestigious large format consoles in a highly compact and portable package that is small enough to be considered carry-on luggage. This makes it perfect for solo and duo musicians, small bands, and AV production professionals. The TouchMix-8 goes "Beyond Mixing" by providing Wizards, Presets, and other helpful tools that assist both seasoned audio professionals and novices in achieving excellent results quickly and easily.

It features 14 mixing channels (8 Mic/Line, 4 Line, Stereo USB) and 6 outputs, offering ample signal management flexibility. Advanced features such as class-A microphone preamps, Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards, a real-time analyzer (RTA), and 14-channel direct-to-external-drive recording capabilities make it equally competent as both a professional live sound and recording tool.

The touch-and-turn interface of the TouchMix allows tactile control over fader and mixer parameters, while also providing a hardware connection to the mixer. Mixer functions and displays can be duplicated via iOS® or Android devices over Wi-Fi, offering both portable, wireless connectivity and additional control over mixer functionality.

The TouchMix-8 is sold complete with a USB Wi-Fi adapter and a carrying case.

QSC Touchmix - 8 Video Reviews

Independent artist Raelee Nikole performance of her original song "Dreamin" recorded and mixed on the QSC TouchMix digital mixer. Crystal clear recording and mixing audio quality.

Smart, Simple Operation for All Users The QSC TouchMix series merges the connectivity and processing power of more complex mixers with an intuitive interface and built-in guidance, making it accessible to everyone. Regardless of your experience with mixing boards, the TouchMix series ensures quick, high-quality sound setups. In Simple Mode, it automatically optimizes channel and effects settings, akin to the "Auto" mode on a DSLR camera. A comprehensive index of presets for various sound sources such as vocals, guitars, and drums is readily available, and the "Info" button on the touchscreen provides explanations of features or parameters as needed.

Professional Power and Sound Quality Designed for ease of use, the TouchMix also satisfies professional requirements with its comprehensive controls. Beyond the beginner-friendly Simple Mode, the Advanced Mode allows for intricate sound adjustments. Each input channel includes a 4-band parametric EQ, gate, and compressor, while outputs feature graphic EQ, notch filters, limiters, and delay, equipping users with all the necessary tools for confident mixing.

Flexible Monitoring Options The TouchMix-8 offers four aux sends, supporting extensive monitoring configurations, including direct connections for in-ear monitors or headphones without additional equipment.

Effortless Recording and Playback Easily record live performances directly to an external USB hard drive with the TouchMix, capturing all inputs and the stereo mix in high-quality format. Playback recorded tracks through the mixer for live backing or subsequent mixing in DAW software.

Remote Mixing via Built-in Wi-Fi Control your mix from anywhere in the venue with the free remote control app on your tablet or smartphone, facilitated by the included Wi-Fi adapter. For extended range, a USB-Ethernet adapter can be utilized.

Advanced Features with Firmware Version 3.0 Firmware version 3.0 enhances the TouchMix with updated graphics, a full-screen PEQ frequency graph when the RTA is off, and additional features like channel safety locks, expanded output controls, and wireless app improvements. Other updates include stereo MP3 playback from USB, direct access buttons for aux mixes, and comprehensive EQ settings for all outputs.

The QSC TouchMix-8 features a large touchscreen, intuitive navigation, advanced analysis tools, and comes with a carry case, meeting the needs of both novices and professionals effectively.

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Eddie M.

QSC Touchmix 8

Setting my system has become much more seamless and easy. Using K12.2 speakers and the room eq wizard really helps my untreated room. Thanks to Musicshop, I was able to get the unit pretty quickly.