Samson LM8x Omnidirectional Lavelier Microphone for Wireless Transmitters

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Clear and Accurate Vocal Reproduction

The LM8x lavalier microphone is engineered to deliver unparalleled clarity and precision in vocal reproduction. Whether you're broadcasting, presenting, vlogging, or engaged in ENG activities, expect exceptional audio quality that enhances your performance.

Lightweight and Discreet Design

Crafted with a lightweight and low-profile design, the LM8x ensures maximum comfort and discretion during use. Its discreet 6.59mm miniature capsule captures pristine sound without imposing on your appearance, making it ideal for professional settings.

Omnidirectional Polar Pattern

With an omnidirectional polar pattern, the LM8x minimizes off-axis coloration, ensuring consistent sound quality from all angles. This feature is especially beneficial in environments where mic positioning may vary, providing reliable performance in any situation.

Comprehensive Accessories Package

Equipped with four adapters for wireless transmitters, 3.9' cables, fur windscreens, a mic clip, and a protective case, the LM8x comes ready to tackle any recording challenge. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of a complete package designed to elevate your audio recording experience.



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Samson LM8x Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone: Versatile and Reliable

Unmatched Performance

Designed for a wide range of speech and vocal applications, including broadcast, theater production, presentations, ENG, and vlogging, the Samson LM8x delivers exceptional audio quality. With its 6.59mm miniature condenser capsule, this lav mic handles sound pressure levels up to 125 dB, ensuring clear and accurate vocal reproduction across a frequency range of 50 Hz to 16 kHz.

Omnidirectional Pickup Pattern

The LM8x features an omnidirectional pickup pattern, capturing sound from all directions without proximity effect or off-axis coloration. Whether you're on stage, in a studio, or out in the field, rely on the LM8x to deliver reliable audio capture in any environment.

Comprehensive Connectivity

Equipped with four detachable 3.9' adapter cables—3.5mm, Hirose 4-pin, Switchcraft TA3F, and Switchcraft TA4F—the LM8x offers seamless compatibility with a wide variety of wireless transmitters. This versatility ensures hassle-free integration with your existing equipment, making it an ideal choice for professionals in any industry.

Lightweight and Convenient

Featuring a lightweight, low-profile design, the LM8x is comfortable to wear and easy to conceal. Whether you're conducting interviews, recording presentations, or capturing live performances, the LM8x provides discreet and reliable audio capture, enhancing your production quality without being intrusive.

Complete Accessories Package

With four standard windscreens, a "cat fur" windscreen, a mic clip, and a protective carry case included, the LM8x comes fully equipped to meet your recording needs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need to achieve professional-quality results in any recording scenario.