School Hall Sound System with 4 QSC E115 Loudspeaker, 2 GXD8 Amplifier and TouchMix 16 Digital Mixer and Sennheiser Dual Wireless Microphone


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Do you want your school to be the school that rocks? Then look no further. Here you have the perfect School Hall Sound System featuring high quality QSC products. It will deliver crisp and clear sound for assemblies, performances, school discos and more.
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School Hall Sound System Description

The school hall is often the hub of the institution where so many exciting things happen. Morning assemblies, performances, award ceremonies, special guest presentations and school dances. All of these things require high quality sound. That is why we have put together this exceptional School Hall Sound System featuring products from the renowned companies QSC and Sennheiser.

We understand that school administrators and teachers aren’t sound experts, that’s why we have taken all the hard work out of researching and sourcing the best products for your needs.

Here you will find loudspeakers, an amplifier, a digital mixer and dual microphones that have been selected for their performance and reliability. Make sure you entire space is filled with rich and clear sound for every function.

System Features

- The included 4 QSC E115 loudspeakers with wall mounting brackets present the answer to your sound needs. They can easily be mounted in each corner of the room for complete coverage. With a minimum of 500W continuous (2000W peak) power, the 1.5” compression driver and 15” woofer give powerful, clear sound for every application.

- Further boosting the package, the QSC GXD8 amplifiers will give you high peak output power of up to 4500 watts with built in processing, as well as high and low pass filters for those times when you need some extra oomph.

- The Sennheiser XSW 1-825 wireless microphone is the perfect companion for presentations and performances alike. It has 10 compatible channels on a stable UHF band for interference free usage, while the cardioid pickup pattern delivers superb vocal replication every time.

- The super robust and intuitive QSC TouchMix 16 has 20 input channels and loads of built in effects and processors so you can mix and control your sound with ease. Thanks to bluetooth technology it can be controlled from a tablet or device anywhere in the hall, and you can even directly stream MP3’s.

System Includes

  • 4 x QSC E115 Loudspeaker with wall mount bracket
  • 2 x QSC GXD8 Amplifier
  • 1 x TouchMix 16 Digital Mixer with Multi-track recording and MP3 playback
  • 1 x Sennheiser XSW 1-825 Dual-Vocal Set with a pair of 825 Handheld Wireless Microphone