Small Band Portable PA System Package with 2 QSC K10.2 Speakers and QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer


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If you are a small band looking for your ultimate road companion, look no further than the Small Band Portable PA System Package with 2 QSC K10.2 Speakers and QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixerr. It has everything you need to rock and roll.
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Are you ready to get the band on the road? Well, first you are going to need some gear, and the Small Band Portable PA System Package with 2 QSC K10.2 Speakers and a QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer is the answer to your rock and roll prayers. In this neat package you will find everything you need to deliver a high energy performance with ease and style.
If you are playing shows, the last thing you want is to be lugging huge speaker boxes and mixers to every venue. Here you have extreme sound power in the QSC 10.2 speakers, which you can tame with the QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer.
The QSC K10.2 speakers bring you a whopping 2000 watts of power from a lightweight Class D power module, so you will be able to feel your tracks vibrating through your feet. The onboard factory presets cover the whole spectrum of applications, so you don’t need to spend ages tweaking and adjusting. Although, with user-adjustable parameters, you certainly can if you want to. The wide dispersion of this speaker duo means that your whole audience will experience high-quality sound across the venue.
After a mixer that you can take anywhere? The QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer is the perfect option. Its 14 mixing channels (8 Mic/Line, 4 Line, Stereo USB) and 6 outputs offer ample signal management flexibility while advanced features such as class-A microphone preamps, Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards, real-time analyzer (RTA) and 14-channel direct-to-external-drive recording make it equally competent as both a professional live sound or recording tool. Here you will find an efficient and easy way to mix live sound with flexibility.


QSC K10.2 Speakers:

- Powerful PA featuring 10" LF driver and 1.4" HF driver
- Huge 2,000W of power from a lightweight Class D power module
- Use factory presets or customise your own parameters
- Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) and Intrinsic Correction DSP for crisp sound in every corner
- Can double as a floor monitor
- Extremely robust ABS enclosure

QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer:

- Capacitive touchscreen offers a wealth of on-screen information while also providing confident hands-on control
- 120 presets provide real-world live sound settings for commonly-used instruments and microphones
- Simple and Advanced modes offer either basic or comprehensive controls
- Anti-Feedback and Room Tuning Wizards simplify complex equalization tasks
- Real-time analyzer (RTA) provides instantaneous display of channel tonal balance and room response
- 4 Aux outputs provide ample monitor configuration options
- 14-channel direct-to-hard drive record/playback — capture and recall performances without the need for an external computer
- MP3 playback direct from USB
- On-board multi-language user guide
- Download future upgrades directly from the Internet

System includes:

2 x QSC K10.2 Speakers (2000 Watts)
1 x QSC Touchmix 8 Digital Mixer
4 x Premium grade audio cables