Small Church Sound System with 2 QSC E112 Loudspeaker, 2 QSC E118sw Subwoofer, 2GXD8 Amplifier and TouchMix 16 Digital Mixer with Multi-track recording


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Small places of worship still need a sound system that will find sonic balance and richness. We have the perfect package with this small church sound system featuring QSC speakers, subwoofers, an amplifier and digital mixer. Everyhing you need!
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Vendor: QSC

System Description

Does your small church need a new sound system? One that is going to to fill the space, but isn’t going to boom in your congregations ears? Then look no further. Right here you will find a high quality complete system that will enhance your services week after week. Fortunately, you don’t need massive expensive speakers and subwoofers, but you are still going to need high quality products to ensure your praise and worship is clear and distortion free. Sometimes small churches try to use a small portable PA, but it squeaks and crackles.

Don’t sacrifice on the power of your worship. This package comes with 2 QSC E112 speakers and 2 x QSC E118sw subwoofers so you will have evenly distributed audio coverage across the entire space. It also features a 2GXD8 Amplifier and TouchMix 16 Digital Mixer for ultimate control over your sound, and a system that will grow with you.

- The trapezoidal QSC E112 loudspeakers come with wall mounting brackets for easy installation and angling.They feature 85-degree DMT waveguides and 1.75" compression drivers to give excellent room wide coverage.

- The QSC E118sw passive subwoofers are high output aluminium framed woofers with advanced frequency shading topology for unmatched low end.

- The QSC GXD8 amplifiers will make sure that your sound system grows with you. It can give you high peak output power of up to 4500 watts with built in processing, as well as high and low pass filters.

- Whether you need to mix a band, or presenters, everything you need is in this handy interace. The QSC TouchMix 16 has 20 input channels and loads of built in effects and processors. With remote capabilities you can control it from your tablet or mobile device anywhere in the venue. You can even stream your favourite songs directly from MP3.

Just because you are a small gathering right now, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on sound!

System Includes

2 x QSC E112 Loudspeaker with wall mount bracket

2 x QSC E118sw Subwoofer

2 x GXD8 Amplifier

1 x TouchMix 16 Digital Mixer with Multi-track recording and MP3 playback