Small Classroom Sound System with 1 Audac IMEO1 Professional Soundbar with Audio Technica Wireless Clip-on Microphone system


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These days classrooms rely on sound and technology to enhance the learning environment. Check out this specially selected Small Classroom Sound System featuring high quality Audac products. Teachers can project their voice thanks to the clip on microphone and sound bar.
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Sound System Description

Have you ever considered how sound might enhance the learning environment? Even small classrooms can benefit from a quality sound system. Whether it be for voice projection, playing music for focus, playing audio instructional materials, or making film audio really shine, this Small Classroom Sound System is guaranteed to make your students focus and reach their learning goals.

Every teacher knows that students are easily distracted, which is why we have put together this package. Equipped with an Audac soundbar and an Audio-Technica wireless clip-on microphone, your words will never again fall on deaf ears.

System Features

Audac’s IMEAO1 professional 2.1 soundbar brings together cuttingedge technology with classic sound quality. In your classroom this soundbar will bring learning to life. It features an elegant and slimline design for easy placement, and is extremely easy to install in combination with screens, smart boards and projectors. Sound expansion in small rooms has never been easier. It features two 1.75” high frequency drivers with a 15 watt RMS rating. There are also two 2.5” low frequency drivers with a 30 RMS rating.

The Class-D amplifier comes equipped with integrated WaveSelect DSP for flawless processing and transmission line configuration. What does that all mean? Basically, you will get crystal clear sound reproduction across a variety of functions with an impressive low frequency response. For ease of use there are selectable presets for applications like music streaming, video and presentations.

The Audio Technica ATW-1101/L wireless microphone with clip on lavalier is the perfect microphone for teachers and instructors. They can easily clip it on to their shirt and deliver lectures, demonstrations and readings with bright and clear projection. No more will students be distracted and straining to hear, even in the back row.

This microphone features 24-bit/48 kHz wireless operations with dependable performance thanks to the automatic frequency selection and three levels of diversity assurance (frequency/time/space). This reliable and state of the art digital receiver will give you great quality output class after class.

System Includes

1 x Audac IMEO1 professional 2.1 soundbar for classrooms and training rooms

1 x Audio-Technica ATW-1101/L Wireless Microphone with Clip-on Lavalier mic