Wharfedale Pro EZ-15A 150W Portable PA Speaker with 2 Wireless Microphone, MP3 Media Player and Bluetooth Inputs, ez15a, ez15

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Wharfedale Pro EZ-15A 150W 15 inch Active Portable PA System with 2 free wireless microphones, USB, MP3 and Bluetooth Inputs. Perfect for performer or entertainer looking for a powerful portable public address system on the go. Features includes:

  • EZ-15A 150W speaker delivers up to 118dB which ensures that music, speech or both are clearly heard
  • Battery Operated and Powerful portable sound system for outdoor events
  • Includes 2 UHF wireless microphones
  • Offers 150W of Peak Power. Loud sound projection for outdoor events.
  • Easy pull up and drag trolley handle portable speaker


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When it comes to performance, we understand that the demands on musicians and entertainers can be high.You might be playing in a café or band room one night, and busking in the street the next. Most likely, you want a portable PA system that can travel with you wherever you go, and can still give you supreme sound quality. Not too much to ask right? We don’t think so either! That is why we present this premium 15” high powered PA system from Wharfedale Pro.

The EZ-15A has been developed with the travelling performer in mind. It has the option to be powered by the internal 100v-240v main input, or to run on battery power. That gives you the ultimate convenience to charge and go when you need – street performers fear no more! You don’t need to go looking for a powerpoint.
The system comes with two included wireless microphones that easily connect via Bluetooth. There is also an AUX input for those who work the old school way. Despite the EZ-15A’s compact stylings, it packs loads of features. There is an internal MP3 player so you can easily stream music, plus a TF card player. There are also standard analogue connectors so this system can take just about any input.
If you need power, then this system will bring the boost.

It boasts perfectly balanced mid, high and low frequencies. The EZ-15A can deliver up to 118dB maximum sound pressure level (SPL) so music and speech will be heard anywhere in the audience.

With a handy pull up handle and robust wheels, transport is also a breeze and you won’t need to get a crew to help you load your gear in and out. This is the perfect touring companion. What more could you want?

Wharfedale Pro EZ-15A Portable PA Features:

  • 15” inch Active Portable PA system.
  • Can run on battery or AC power.
  • Comes with on-board MP3 player and TF card player.
  • Includes two wireless microphones.
  • Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Easy portability with pull up handle trolley and wheels.
  • Includes wireless IR remote control.
  • Loads of sound features including internal echo processing.
  • Frequency:  600-606MH ( Note: all the Wharfedale EZ series have the same frequencies)

Wharfedale Pro EZ-15A Specifications

  • Model Name: EZ-15A
  • System type: Active portable PA
  • Frequency Range: 55Hz - 18kHz
  • Impedance: 4Ω
  • LF Transducer size: 15"

MP3 Player Control

Volume Control Panel

Remote Control for MP3 Media Player


E-Brochure: Wharfedale Pro EZ-15A Brochure

PDF User Manual: Wharfedale Pro EZ-15A User Manual PDF