Wharfedale Pro ISOLINE 410 Column Active PA System Speaker

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$1,060.80 (excl. GST) $1,156.27 (incl. GST)

Good things come in slimline packages. Just take a look at the Wharfedale Pro Isoline 410 Column PA System. Travelling performers pack into your car easily. Features includes:

  • Offers 380W RMS / 650W Peak

  • Lightweight and portable active column pa system

  • 10 inch long throw subwoofer

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity

  • Link multiple systems via XLR output

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Slimline PA systems are a great way to save space and to create compact solutions for travelling performers. Here you will find the Wharfedale Pro Isoline 410 portable PA system: your fastest way to a professional yet compact PA that still packs in loads of features. The system is made up of a column line formation loudspeaker that is internally connected to a high powered subwoofer. Thanks to a built in amplifier and DSP, users will receive a full and powerful sound from a system that can also pack down and fit in the boot of your car with ease. It is hard to believe so much punch comes from this small powerhouse.
The Isoline 410 features 4x3” high and mid range drivers, that work alongside the 10” long throw subwoofer to gaurantee perfectly balanced sound. This makes it the perfect companion for solo performers, those doing corporate events, or anyone who needs super easy to intergrate sound reinforcement on the fly. If you want more power, you can pair two systems to create a stereo setup, just link them toegther through the built in XLR output.
The Isoline 410 offers an easy interface for amateurs to harness, or gives you the power to customise a professional level sound. The built in mixer gives you complete control over the 2 x XLR jack combi inputs (with mic and line level), in addition to the phono input. That means you can mix backing tracks, live vocals, and instruments all within the system. There is even a Bluetooth input so you can easily pair to your mobile device and stream music. They’ve thought of everything.

Wharfedale Pro Isoline 410 Column PA Features

  • Active column PA system with 380W RMS / 650W peak output.
  • A frequency response of 50Hz - 20kHz.
  • Super lightweight and portable.
  • Comes with XLR, Jack, RCA and phono inputs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing to your devices.
  • 4 x 3” high and mid range drivers.
  • 10” long throw subwoofer.
  • Easily link multiple systems via XLR.
  • Slimline and attractive design.
  • Powerful built in DSP.
  • Optional tour bags available to protect during transport.

Wharfedale Pro Isoline 410 Specifications

  • Package Includes: V4 Mid / High, S10 Sub
  • Mid / High column: 4 x 3” Drivers
  • Subwoofer: 10”
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20kHz
  • Power (RMS / Peak): 380W / 650W