Wharfedale Pro T-Sub AX15B Active 15”1400W Subwoofer

$660.00 $630.00

$630.00 (excl. GST) $686.70 (incl. GST)


  • 700 Watts Continuous
  • 1400 Watts Peak
  • 129 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter
  • Birch plywood construction
  • Illuminated LED front logo badge
  • Convection cooled Class D amplifier
  • Adjustable low pass filter
  • 3.0″ voice coil
  • Quad layer driver design
  • 35 mm pole socket & durable handles
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That is exactly why we have created the T-Sub-AX15B – our 700 W Continuous, 1400 W Peak 15” active subwoofer. 

The internal Class D amplifier delivers huge output power into the custom quad-layer 15” Wharfedale Pro LF driver to produce extreme subs and low end pressure into any system. Built for big bass, the plywood constructed cabinet is rock solid and is protected in durable Rhino Rock paint.

You’ll not only ‘feel’ the T-Sub-AX15B, but you will also see it! A new illuminated WP logo badge subtly glows and adds to the overall on-stage “power” of the new T-Sub.

T-Sub-AX15B is the perfect companion for a Typhon or a Titan active loudspeaker. It also has 75% more power than the current Titan Sub-A15 MKII.

Hold on to your socks! T-Sub-AX15B is going to blow them off!


T-Sub-AX15B has been designed to be the perfect partner for Wharfedale Pro plastic active loudspeakers.

Used with a Tourus, a Titan or our flagship Typhon models, T-Sub-AX15B completes the system – bringing new levels of bass to the setup.


Here at Wharfedale Pro, we are passionate about our products!
But there comes a time when we have to admit defeat!

Our original Titan Sub A15 MKII cannot stand up to T-Sub-AX15B !!!

T-Sub-AX15B is +75% more powerful than our classic Titan Sub A15 MKII.


A protective optional soft cover for T-Sub-AX15B Active Subwoofers.

With easy access to both carry handles and a soft protective padding, the T-Sub-15 soft covers are simple to put on and simple to remove – making setup and breakdown easy.