Yamaha MG12X CV 12-channel Stereo Mixer

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$506.00 (excl. GST) $551.54 (incl. GST)

The Yamaha MG12X CV is a 12-channel stereo mixer, equipped with D-Pre preamps, offering 24 unique effect programs and user-friendly 1-knob compressors for an elevated audio mixing experience.

  • 12-Channel Mixing Console
  • Maximum of 6 Mic and 12 Line Inputs (4 mono, 4 stereo)
  • 2 Group Buses and 1 Stereo Bus
  • 2 AUX (includes FX)
  • "D-PRE" mic preamps with inverted Darlington circuit
  • 1-Knob compressors for easy control
  • High-grade SPX effects with 24 programs
  • PAD switch on mono inputs
  • +48V phantom power for condenser mics
  • XLR balanced outputs for noise reduction
  • Internal universal power supply for use worldwide
  • Optional Rack Mount Kit RK-MG12 available
  • Durable metal chassis
  • Dimensions: 308 mm x 118 mm x 422 mm (12.1" x 4.6" x 16.6")
  • Net Weight: 4.2 kg (9.3 lbs.)
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Vendor: Yamaha

Introducing the Powerful Stereo Mixer for Stage and Studio Use

Yamaha epitomizes two key qualities: unparalleled quality and affordability. The MG12X CV stereo mixer embodies these qualities, offering a streamlined solution for both live performances and studio recording. This mixer provides 12 flexible inputs, including XLR, 1/4-inch, and phone/RCA pin jack, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of audio sources. Its two XLR and phone outputs ensure your sound output is crisp and clear. With 24 effect programs and four channels of single-knob compression, you have endless sound customization options. Above all, the user-friendly, color-coded controls, illuminated on/off switches, and robust, powder-coated steel chassis make the Yamaha MG12X CV an intuitive and reliable tool for your mixing needs.

Experience Clean and Natural Sound with D-PRE Discrete Class-A Mic Preamps

The MG12X CV mixer boasts Yamaha's transparent D-PRE preamps, designed to deliver powerful, low-impedance sound, providing natural bass and smooth highs. The pure sound of D-PREs will elevate your microphone’s sonic quality, guaranteeing every element in your mix is clear and distinct.

Effective Sound-Shaping with EQ and Highpass Filter

Whether you need to perfect your sound or eliminate unwanted frequencies, a robust and effective EQ is vital. The Yamaha MG12X CV’s potent EQ section gives you extensive control over the tonal balance of your mix.

Easy-to-Use Dynamics Control with One-Knob Compressors

During a live event, you don't have the luxury of time to adjust complex external devices. That's why the MG12X CV features straightforward, time-saving one-knob compressors. Just rotate a single knob to enhance your guitars, basses, drums, and vocals.

Professionalism with Built-in SPX Digital Effects

To give your mix that final polish, the Yamaha MG12X CV comes with 24 editable digital effects. Leveraging Yamaha's acclaimed SPX digital multi-effects processor, the MG12X CV provides high-quality reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, and auto-wah, in addition to distortion, pitch effects, and more.

Key Features of the Yamaha MG12X CV Stereo Mixer:

  • 12-channel stereo mixer with XLR, 1/4-inch, and phone/RCA pin jack inputs, and balanced XLR and phone outputs
  • Clear, articulate sound thanks to D-PRE discrete preamps
  • 24 adjustable digital effects for added flair
  • Four channels of single-knob compression for punchier mix
  • +48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Smooth, easy operation with color-coded controls
  • Durable, powder-coated metal chassis
  • Clear visual indication with lit channel on/off switches
  • Rack-mountable for a consolidated setup
  • Optional FC5 footswitch for effect muting