Bose EdgeMax EM90 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker 90 Degree Coverage 8Ω or 70-100V

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With the Bose EdgeMax EM90, you get room-filling sound coverage typical of surface mounted systems, from a discreet ceiling mount system. This system brings you the best of both worlds to enhance the customer experience in your retail store.
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Vendor: Bose

System Description

If you want the very best when it comes to sound coverage, but don’t want the visual disturbance of a surface mounted system, then the Bose EdgeMax EM90 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker 90 Degree Coverage 8Ω or 70/100V is the perfect system for you. This in-ceiling system brings wide, room-filling sound with cutting-edge technology that will enhance the customer experience in your retail space.
If you have a large and open space, many speaker systems will get drowned out, especially when your store is full of people. That will never be the case with this system. It uses Bose PhaseGuide technology sporting high-frequency compression drivers to deliver rich and robust sound. The Bose Professional EdgeMax Premium In-Ceiling Speakers mount near the wall/ceiling boundaries and project outwards across the entire space, while reducing the number of units required. Despite being very high performing, there are fewer speakers than your standard dome-tweeter ceiling speakers. While each speaker has 90 degrees of coverage, wide dispersion is achieved via positioning. The EdgeMax performs distortion free right down to 70 Hz.
When it comes to a tidy and distraction-free setup, this system is flawless. The magnetically attached grilles give easy access to wiring, and the spring-loaded mounting arms make for exceptionally easy installation. A very robust and feature packed system for retail operations.

System Features

- Wide asymmetrical vertical coverage for room-filling sound thanks to the on-board PhaseGuide technology.
- EdgeMax EM90 in-ceiling speakers give 90 degrees of horizontal coverage, placed in corners for complete coverage.
- Frequency range of 60 – 18,000 Hz (-10 dB).
- Can achieve a maximum SPL up to 119 dB continuous and 125 dB peak.
- Combines Bose 1.3"-diaphragm compression driver and 8" woofer in an intuitive 2-way system.
- 8 Ω or 70/100V transformer taps providing passive crossover.
- Spring loaded and auto holding arms for super fast and easy installation.
- For air-handling (plenum) space installation this product has a UL1480 listing.
- White grilles are magnetically attached for easy wiring access and tap settings.
- Optional black grille and rough in-pan accessories available separately.