Bose FreeSpace 3 Subwoofer Satellite Surface Mount System (Black) + IZA190

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If your restaurant needs a sound system with extended range then this Bose FreeSpace satellite system is the perfect solution. For small to medium sized rooms, boasting easy installation and the ability to mix and match components as your establishment grows.
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Vendor: Bose

System Description

The Bose FreeSpace 3 Subwoofer Satellite Surface Mount System in black is great for small to medium-sized restaurants that need high performance, extended bandwidth reproduction of voice and music. This woofer and satellite system is well suited to small and medium-sized venues providing high fidelity background music for creating a romantic atmosphere or includes powerful voice applications that can easily cut through the hustle and bustle of pubs or bars.
Say goodbye to crackly and patchy background music, or screeching announcements and audible button clicks that distract your guests. This intelligently designed satellite system is easy to install without in-ceiling components and features a wide coverage pattern with distortion free bass down to 40 Hz.
For complete customisation possibilities, the surface and flush components can be mixed and matched giving you flexibility across a wide range of applications.
This convenient and feature packed system comes in a discreet and stylish package. Diverse and versatile for a wide range of functions.

System Features

Bose FreeSpace 3 Satellite System
- A subwoofer/satellite system that brings high fidelity with an extended bandwidth for a diverse range of voice and music functions (restaurants, bars, hotel lounges, pubs, fast food and bistros).
- Stereo or mono configuration options.
- Easily mix and match surface-mount or flush-mount components for complimenting a wide range of decors and layouts. Can be changed, customised and expanded as needed.
Bose 40146 Module:
- Crystal clear audio production with low-frequency woofer for deep distortion free bass down to 40 Hz.
- Versatile modular design bass module that supports 2 or 4 satellites and the ability to parallel connect additional bass modules.
- Select between 70/100 V low impedance.

System Components

The system includes:
- 4 x Bose Satellite 40144 Speakers
- 1 x Bose Acoustimass 40146 Module