Bose FreeSpace 3 Subwoofer Satellite Surface Mount System (White)


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If you need a high performing sound solution in a small to medium space, then this satellite system is for you. With extended bandwidth reproduction for voice and music, it will improve the ambience and communication capabilities of your retail store.
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Vendor: Bose

System Description

This sound solution from Bose is particularly suited to small and medium retail stores with the possibility to mix, match and expand with additional Bose products. The Bose FreeSpace 3 Subwoofer Satellite Surface Mount System in white is ideal if you want a system that can grow with you and your business needs.
Transform your customer's shopping experience by providing rich and vibrant background music that doesn’t distract from conversation and browsing. The system will give you an even distribution across your entire space. Then, when you need to make announcements and pages, you can be assured that they will be crisp and distortion free. No screeching or audible button clicks as you switch between channels.
This satellite system features four Bose 40143 satellite speakers that sit flush for almost invisible installation and can easily be moved and reworked for a variety of layouts. They feature a wide coverage pattern and perform down to a frequency response of 40 Hz for clear, distortion-free bass, even at very low levels.
If you are in a situation where you might want to expand your system or move to a new location, then this versatile audio solution is a great option. Invest in a system that will grow with you and can be combined with additional satellite speakers and additional bass modules for broader applications.

System Features

Bose 40143 Satellite Speakers
- Satellite speakers that deliver high performing, high fidelity sound for clear voice and music delivery.
- Surface mount and flush mount compatible to work with a range of layouts, and decors.
- Easily expandable with additional satellite speakers.
Bose 40145 Acoustimass Module
- You can select 70/100V or low impedance with the onboard transformer that has an intuitive wheel adjustment.
- Configure to mono or stereo depending on your needs.
- Classy and sleek modular design that allows either 2 or 4 satellites per bass module and simple connection of parallel bass modules.

System Components

The system includes
- 1 x Bose 40145 Acoustimass Module
- 4 x Bose 40143 Satellite Speakers